How to use MTN bis subscription on Android phones?

How to use MTN bis subscription on Android phones?

If you have asked whether MTN BIS subscription for Android works, then the answer is yes! Several applications may help you use MTN BIS subscription. It will only take some time to install the app and make some manipulations with your mobile. How to use MTN bis subscription on Android phones? This article presents you top 5 methods.

How to use MTN bis subscription on Android phones?

How to check MTN bis subscription status?

How to check MTN bis subscription status?

This post may be mainly useful to people who feel a little bit uncomfortable with changing IMEI or using BlackBerry subscription. When you try any of these methods –you can try to check for this info.

- MTN Nigeria data plan check – just text 2 to number one-three-one;

- How to check MTN BIS subscription? – just text STATUS to number two-one-six-zero-zero;

- MTN Goodybag check? – just text 403 to number one-three-one.

Top 5 MTN bis subscription methods

OpenVPN MTN bis subscription in Nigeria

OpenVPN MTN bis subscription in Nigeria

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OpenVPN does not require changing IMEI number of your mobile phone. It means that you just need to follow the next instructions:

- Download OpenVPN. You can find it at Google play or on the internet. Follow the link:

- Download the configuration file from here

You need to install it to your phone. You can also install it on your SD card using WinZip application;

- Subscribe your sim to BlackBerry MTN BIS plan. Just text BBCDAY to two-one-six-zero-zero. It will cost only 100 Naira. You need to get a confirmation message before proceeding. You can test this method with just N100.

- Choose any of code one to code nine profiles. Tap the Connect and wait until it is successfully connected.

- If you see the green light where it`s stated connected – then you are good to go.

- If it`s not connected and shows an error message, then try another MTN BIS subscription code. You can try to choose code nine, for example.

That`s all with OpenVPN for MTN BIS subscription in Nigeria.

Orbot application

Orbot application

Orbot app can help you with MTN BIS subscription for Android. You will also need the MTN BIS plan, Dolphin browser and rooted Android. If you don`t have any of this, then make sure to install all of them. You need to make sure that you have already signed to MTN Nigeria settings. Use these settings:

- Password ☛ web

- Username ☛ web

- Port ☛ blank

- Proxy ☛ blank

- APN ☛

Save these setting as your default. Install Dolphin mini browser and Orbot application if you haven`t installed them yet. In Orbit configuration you need to choose:

- Tor tethering;

- Tor everything;

- Transparent Proxy server.

When you activate your internet access – start Orbit application. Wait until the bottom of testing is green. When it`s green – choose the dolphin browser. Now your MTN BIS subscription is active, and you can surf the internet.

MTN BIS and Simple Server

MTN bis and Simple Server

One of the best variants to use MTN BIS subscription in Nigeria is Simple Server. You can download Super Simple server from the internet and Google play. When you have done it – follow the next instruction:

- Subscribe to any MTN Nigeria BlackBerry data plan. The best option is the daily data plan. Just send BISDAY to the number two-one-six-zero-zero. When you have subscribed to MTN BlackBerry plan – you need to create the access point. Just follow this:

- Port ☛ 8080;

- Username ☛ blanc;

- Password ☛ blanc;

- IP ☛;

- APN ☛;

- Name ☛ MTN daily bis.

Simple Server settings

Now you need to configure Simple Server settings:

- Log ☛ level debug;

- Injection host ☛;

- Injection query URL ☛;

- Injection method ☛ get;

- Proxy port ☛ 8080;

- Proxy host ☛;

- Do not forget to press the injection line four times.

Now you can connect to the internet and surf. You can also use a maximum of it with Proxy Droid. The configuration settings for proxy Droid are next:

- Port ☛ 8080;

- Host ☛

Connect to the MTN BIS subscription and have fun with the internet.

DroidVPN for Android

DroidVPN for Android

If you want to use just DroidVPN, then you need to download it. You can find it on the internet and Google Play. Do not forget to subscribe to MTN BIS plan. DroidVPN configurations are next:

- X-Online-Host ☛;

- Host ☛;

- HTTP ☛ custom;

- port ☛ 8080;

- proxy server ☛;

- bind port ☛ 1100;

- TCP port ☛ 5222;

- Connection protocol ☛ TCP.

Then get to the and connect to any server. Now you know how to use MTN BIS subscription.

Tweakware VPN

Tweakware VPN

First, you need to subscribe to MTN BIS and download Tweakware VPN. When you have downloaded it – use these settings for APN:

- Password ☛ web;

- Username ☛ web;

- Port ☛ 8080;

- Proxy ☛;

- APN type ☛ default;

- APN ☛

- Name ☛ MTN bis

Save the settings and get to your Tweakware application. Now choose Bundled settings. After that, you get the new page. Choose USE bundled settings there. Now you can get bundled settings and choose MTN BIS 1. Feel free to look around on the web.

How to use MTN bis subscription on Android phones – Conclusion!

How to use MTN bis subscription on Android phones – Conclusion?

This article has presented you with five possible variations to use MTN BIS on Android. They all require you to download applications, activate MTN BIS and configure settings. The hardest part is the settings configuration. Be aware that you can use only daily MTN Nigeria BIS plan with 100 Naira to configure settings for your application. How to check MTN bis subscription status? Just text STATUS to number two-one-six-zero-zero.

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