How Nigerian based candidate secured a digital business analyst role with HSBC in the UK

How Nigerian based candidate secured a digital business analyst role with HSBC in the UK

Digital Bananas Technology by their admission are no strangers to the success stories of candidates who receive work experience through their platform. Yet, one of the successes they choose to constantly tout is of a young Nigerian woman who landed a job with the U.K Bank, HSBC all the way from Nigeria.

How Nigerian based candidate secured a digital business analyst role with HSBC in the UK

It certainly is not as far fetched as you’d think, with some of the top companies in the U.K already trusting the competence of Digital Bananas Technology- a company which is leading the way in Digital Transformation.

Digital Bananas Technology’s platform, eWorkExperience helps thousands of individuals gain international work experience and on the job training. The end point? To secure lucrative roles as Business Analysts and Project Managers in multinational companies.

When we asked about their success rate, the numbers suggest high efficiency as well as success. With 4,000+ success stories to date, Digital Bananas Technology is now focusing on Nigerians in Nigeria and preparing them to conquer the digital world.

Admitting that quality work experience is one of the requirements to getting a great job quickly helped us understand the gap the country is filling. Nigeria has one of the highest unemployment and underemployment rates in the world but it is in these discouraging stats Digital Bananas is taking its initiative from.

Speaking with the CEO of Digital Bananas Technology, Keji Giwa after a free session in their Lagos DigiHub on Saturday, he spoke a great deal about the increasing role of data in today’s world.

"10 years ago, of the top six companies in the world, only one was a tech company. Today, of the world’s six largest companies, five are in technology."

"Today’s reality is that all the things digital have completely replaced oil and Nigerians must be equipped with the tools to deal take advantage of this." He said.

He also spoke on special offers the company has for Nigerians as well his confidence that there will be more success stories from Nigerians living in Nigeria by the end of the year.

How Nigerian based candidate secured a digital business analyst role with HSBC in the UK

The transcript of the success story sent in by the Nigerian candidate who secured a HSBC job is below (names are protected per the candidate’s request)


"Hi Keji, I have some good news for you but I will like to be anonymous. I applied for a Digital BA role from Nigeria and got a job in the UK. Modupe Yusuf is my mentor. I’m not sure if she has mentioned this yet to you; I just got a call from the recruiter a few hours ago, telling me I was successful, but you know they still need to do checks and all which would take about 6 weeks.

"Oh I didn’t mention the company, it’s HSBC.

"I explained to them that I’ve been working remotely (from Nigeria) for DBT from: May 2016 to March 2017. God is awesome Keji! Thank you. You don’t know how excited I am right now”

Career Insights:

“Please please just tell me how DBT got you prepared, the digital Transformation Training and your advice to those in UK and Nigeria”.


“For me it was really about working passionately on all the projects I was involved in, volunteering for tasks, always being eager to take in any knowledge from videos on the e work experience, learning from more people, attending training sessions etc. I also paid for the Digital Transformation training and it was very helpful in my interview.

"I would advise those in the UK and Nigeria (especially Nigeria) to target international companies in the UK and apply directly to them. It doesn’t matter where you apply from, as long as you have the talent they are looking for.

"Of course also participate actively in projects and try to be on as many projects as you can because it will broaden your knowledge and skills. Also the DX training is a must. Companies are really looking for candidates with the digital transformation experience

"Above all, we should always trust God because he makes the impossible possible. I can’t believe he has brought me to this point and I’m so grateful

"In my phone interview, I was asked competency based questions on conflict management, communication, customer delivery, innovation etc. I had to give answers based on scenarios working on different projects in dbt. I was also asked technical based questions on requirements prioritisation, defect management, working in an agile environment and how I would improve their banking services- this was were my knowledge on DX came in handy.

"Then my face to face interview was pretty much focused on my personality and how I work in teams. I also gave examples where I could.I really think the DBT framework impressed them and all the tools we use for requirements engineering and agile development may have done this for me. Also the manager who interviewed me said she saw defect management on my CV and she was eager to know more from me.thank you”

Get started for free by registering on or call them directly on 07011852771, 08026194849, 08086776800 (Nigeria) , 02038903449 (UK).


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