University of Jos school fees 2017

University of Jos school fees 2017

The price for education is increasing rapidly. It is now becoming a luxury that only those with means can afford. There was a massive increase in fees ranging from Accreditation, Acceptance, Hostel and Tuition. The increasing of fees has touched the University of Jos too. What are the fees for the upcoming year?

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The increase of fees in the Universities in Nigeria

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The increase in school fees started in the state and federal universities such as Anambra, Abia, Lagos, Jos, and others. Some students were shocked by the news as not all of them are able to pay such amounts of money for education. However, the increment in fees wasn’t something new for the University of Jos. The same event happened in 2014, when the former Vice-chancellor of Unijos, Prof. Hayward Magayi, announced an increase in school fees. The reaction came immediately - the student union Executive Committee rejected the increment.

The increase in fees is a significant problem for students who are not wealthy - even though they have enough knowledge to pass the tests, they simply may not have enough money.

Increase of fees at University of Jos

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The Unijos or the University of Jos has been one of the best schools in the country for an extended period of time. It recorded a lot of academic excellence both in Nigeria and abroad. However, even the best cannot be the best forever. For the past few years, one of the best Universities in the country had management issues and protests on the side of the students.

Long story short - the students of Unijos asked for a reduction in the school fees. Instead of listening to them, the school management ordered military men to chase the students out of their hostels. This led to a suspension of all academic activities.

After a while, the Vice-chancellor of Unijos, Prof. Sebastian Maimako announced another increase in the school fees. Before they were required to pay N27, 000. Now, according to the circular sent by the Federal Government, the fees for the new session will be N45, 000.

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The main question is why? After the previous increment, no student saw any changes on the part of the management.

- The books are outdated;

- There are not enough lecture halls for all the students;

- There is a lack of internet connection;

- Some hostels are in bad shape.

And many other things remain the same as they were before!

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Increasing the fees in the university will cost a lot for future students. Education may become some kind of luxury for the rich. But what are the students paying for? We hope that this time the fees increase will change the conditions in which the students are working and some of them living.

It is not right that one of the best universities in the country has outdated books in the library and lack of space for students to learn. They need the right conditions in accordance to the price they are paying.

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