Lota Chukwu children

Lota Chukwu children

Jenifa`s Diary has already conquered the hearts of Nigeria. Lota Chukwu has managed to create a fantastic dream out of one role! Fans want to know more about her! Read the top 15 gossips about Lota Chukwu children and her!

Lota Chukwu children

1.Her full name

Lota Chukwu full name

Even if she likes to call herself the Elixir, she cannot hide her real name! She once blurted out her real name. It`s Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia!

2. Her Greatest influence!

It`s certainly her mom. Despite Lota Chukwu age, her mother has always stood by her. Who else can look after kids while the superstar is at work?

Her Greatest influence!

3. She believes in God

She is not a very Christian like person, but she believes in the Lord`s existence. Lota Chukwu biography is filled with cases that shows her faith in God. She does not make love before she goes out to work! It`s her way of keeping her bond with God. She also teaches children to love God.

4. She is a fan of mythologies!

Lota Chukwu likes Greek Mythology the most. She is a big fan of the ancient gods. That`s why she calls herself the Elixir. Lota Chukwu children also share this interest with their mom.

She a fan of mythologies!

5. Four Kids

Lota Chukwu children are her treasure. She can`t imagine her life if they do not exist. Lota Chukwu is very happy with her four kids and her mom looking after them!

6. She has a boyfriend

Lota Chukwu does not have a husband. Still, it does not make her unhappy. Even if she is single mother with four children – she likes to go out. Her boyfriend does not mind that she has so many kids!

7. She is beautiful

Lota Chukwu is an extremely gorgeous woman. Still, she believes that the real beauty is inside. And she is just a combination of both. Her children are the real beauty in her life!

Lota Chukwu does not have a husband

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8. Lota Chukwu is an optimist!

Even if she has problems in her life, she always find the bright side of everything. Lota Chukwu children help her to overcome any difficulties.

9. Lota Chukwu is a romantic

She has had problems with relationships in the past but she never stops dreaming about romantic relationships for the future. Lota Chukwu education in love was not a complete failure. She has kids now! And they love her!

10. Guess what she is doing when alone?

Even when she is alone, she can`t stop thinking. That`s why she talks to herself. Lota Chukwu confesses that she can talk about everything with herself!

Lota Chukwu admits

11. She wants love

Lota Chukwu admits that she is a sucker in love in relationships. She had a lot of boyfriends, but she has not found a real hero of her heart. She believes that one day she will find him.

12. No romantic dates

She has never had a real romantic date with flowers and everything! Lota Chukwu have had four kids and not much romance in her life. Still, if she is an optimist, she will change that!

13. She is confident

Lota Chukwu children hear a lot of pleasant words from their mother. She believes in the great opportunities that future holds for her!

Lota Chukwu twitter

14. Lota Chukwu twitter

She can`t live even one day without sharing a post on twitter. It helps her to know most about the things around her. Lota Chukwu does not shy away from sharing her feelings via twitter!

15. She loves Children!

Lota Chukwu Children mean everything to her! She is a superstar only because she has these four kids. Lota understands it and tries to give them the best love they deserve!

Lota Chukwu Life

Lota Chukwu life

Lota Chukwu has four children. Her life is dedicated to them. Even if she is a movie star – she always comes back to be a mother for her children!

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