Souvenir ideas for weddings in Nigeria

Souvenir ideas for weddings in Nigeria

Want to make your wedding unforgettable? Then you need the right souvenirs! Souvenirs will give your guests some pleasant memories of your wedding! We have prepared top 25 souvenir ideas for wedding just for you! You will find everything right here!

Souvenir ideas for weddings in Nigeria

Top 25 Souvenir Ideas Nigeria!

Top 25 Souvenir Ideas Nigeria!

1. Hand Fans

Hand Fans

The weather in Nigeria can be quite hot! Therefore, you can get some portable manual fans for your guests! They wouldn't mind receiving this souvenir as a reminder of your wedding! You can also print your names on the fans or maybe a great message.

2. Customized Wine

Customized Wine

It`s one of the most wonderful wedding souvenir ideas! One bottle of wine for a few invited guests will be more than enough! One bottle of wine will make certainly make people remember about you!

3. Kitchen Napkins

Kitchen Napkins

It`s pretty simple to create these napkins. You can print your names on the napkins. It`s also possible to write down your favorite quotes about love, marriage, and friendship!

4. Pressing Iron

Pressing Iron

It might not be the greatest idea of the souvenir ideas for wedding in Nigeria, but it has the right to exist! It is not as inexpensive as others on this list, but you are going to marry just once in your life. So if you can afford it, impress your guests with a pressing iron!

5. Pens

Wedding Pens

You will always need a pen to write down something! Therefore, it`s a good wedding souvenir idea! You can write down your names on pens, so your guests will never forget your special day!

6. Key Holders

Key Holders

It`s another simple idea for a souvenir. It`s pretty easy to write down your names or wedding date on key holders.

7. Water Bottles

Water Bottles

It`s quite easy to make a custom water bottles for your wedding! Moreover, if you do not want to make a bottle with a special design, you can simply print your message on the bottle!

8. Food Flasks

Food Flasks

Everybody likes to eat, and your guests will appreciate it if you give them something to carry food with. Food Flasks are quite affordable on various online platforms! Make your guests happy with this souvenir!

9. Playing Cards

Playing Cards

It can be amusing if you create your own custom playing cards! Your guests will not forget this creative wedding souvenir! Moreover, it will only show them that you have a sense of humor!

10. Bottle Stoppers

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers can be simple wedding souvenirs! You can create various bottle stoppers with different forms! You can buy different stoppers on various online platforms!

11. Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags

If you want to find souvenir ideas for wedding, then goody bags are your answer! You can write everything on these goody bags! Your guests will be glad to receive this souvenir from you!

12. Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

It`s a simple idea to buy a gift hamper. You can even make your own custom gift hamper! You can fill these hampers with wine, chocolates or any kind of food you like! Your guests will appreciate this!

13. Porcelain Plates

Porcelain Plates

Customized porcelain plates can be a wonderful gift for your guests! You can find various interesting designs for your wedding plates on the Internet! You can also write down your names and wishes on these plates!

14. Trays


Simple trays with your names on them can be a perfect wedding souvenir idea. Moreover, it`s quite an affordable and useful present for your guests! Every time they serve meals, they will think about your wedding!

15. Carrier Bags

Carrier Bags

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It`s also a simple and affordable souvenir idea! You can print your pictures on these carrier bags! It`s a wonderful and at the same time useful gift to give your guests!

16. Tissue Boxes

Tissue Boxes

Customized tissue boxes can be a wonderful decision for your souvenir ideas for wedding! It`s also a valuable and useful gift. Your guest will always remember your big say if you give them this.

17. Make up pouches

Make up pouches

It might be a good gift for women, but you will need to think about something for men. Still, the female part of your wedding group will appreciate this souvenir choice!

18. Wallet


It can be a perfect match with the makeup pouches! Men will enjoy this souvenir! Still, of you want to surprise women, you will need to choose one more souvenir variant for females!

19. Calendars


It`s another simple and useful souvenir for your guests! It will remind them about your wedding ceremony! You can order specially customized calendars!

20. Notebooks


Another simple idea for your wedding souvenirs! You can create your customized notebooks so that people will remember your wedding day! It`s also really affordable!

21. Umbrellas


If you are looking for souvenir ideas Nigeria, then umbrellas can be your answer! You can print various pictures of you and your beau on these umbrellas. It`s also possible to write a lot of wishes to your guests on these umbrellas!

22. Mugs

Wedding Mugs

It`s also very affordable and very practical! You can choose various types of mugs and even create your own kind! It`s also possible to write anything you like on these mugs!

23. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Another affordable and creative idea! You can write your names and date of your wedding on these magnets! Imagine that! Every time your guest opens the fridge, he or she will recall the day of your wedding!

24. Glass Cups

Glass Cups

It`s another simple idea if you want to create a perfect souvenir for wedding! Do not miss this opportunity! It`s also an affordable and practical souvenir idea! You can write your names, date of your wedding and wishes on these glass cups!

25. Customized Mobile Phones

Customized Mobile Phones

It`s certainly a luxury souvenir for your guests! Still, if you want your wedding to be unforgettable, then you may consider this idea! It`s a luxury gift, but your guests will never forget it!

Souvenir ideas

Do not forget that the best souvenir is a souvenir from your heart! The price of your souvenir does not matter! It`s all about the memories you are going to give to your guests! The most important souvenir should come from your heart!

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