Evans the kidnapper: 9 TIPS to avoid being kidnapped, Nigerians have learned

Evans the kidnapper: 9 TIPS to avoid being kidnapped, Nigerians have learned

Every day since his arrest, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans, has continued to sing like a canary, telling police detectives different stories about his operations, activities and lifestyle.

One clear lesson from the entire debacle is that the state of security in Nigeria needs some serious improvement.

What are some ways individuals can ensure their personal safety in such a dangerous climate?

1. Do not meet people you do not know well enough in secluded places

Be very wary of your supposed contacts or sources – do as much due diligence as possible and bear in mind that persons and groups may switch allegiances without warning.

Don’t invite strangers to your house rather schedule to meet them in a public place - eatery amongst others where people will be around.

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2. Gadgets

Security gadgets are not too expensive. From surveillance cameras disguised as wall clocks or pen to pepper spray can go a long way to help.

Recently, a CCTV camera reportedly captured a customer trying to kidnap a one year old girl in Lagos.

3. Know your environment

Get to know your neighborhood. Before you rent a house or move into a neighborhood, find out the crime rate in that vicinity.

Know where the nearest police station is. Use ATMs situated in busy environments and seldom withdraw money from ATMs at night.

4. Spread your money

It is not smart to put all your savings in just one bank account. You never know if your account manager is in league with a kidnapper. Trust no one. Spread your money so that no one is aware you have a lot of money and can pay a huge ransom.

5. Do not flash your wealth

Wearing expensive watches, chains or flaunting expensive properties is not wise. While you can dress well, it is better not to draw undue attention.

6. Domestic help

There should be extreme vetting before you hire any domestic help. Also, don't talk about money you are expecting or sending in front of just anyone.

People have been kidnapped based on information that their domestic staff told a kidnapper.

7. Social media

Do not flaunt your wealth on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat unless you have a strong security.

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8. Tint the windows of your car

If you have a very expensive car, get permission from the police to have tints. This would make you as anonymous as possible.

9. Change routines

Don't take the same routes home always. Take alternative routes, use a different car, enter a cab instead. This could throw off any kidnappers on your tail.

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Meanwhile, the kidnapper told the detectives that though he could not remember the number of people he kidnapped or the amount of money he collected as ransom, he was, however, able to mention a few.

Evans has been singing like a canary since his arrest. NAIJ.com has compiled a list of some of his victims and the ransom they paid.

Watch this NAIJ.com video on the Nigerian police:

Source: Naija.ng

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