Ideology of MMM in details

Ideology of MMM in details

What is MMM? How does it work and and how do they make money? What are MMM registration bonuses? Let’s look through this unique financial program and find out about the ideology of MMM in details!

MMM in details

Well, Mavrody Mondial Movement is a special network where people cooperate to help each other. This is a worldwide donation system that believes itself to be a special product thanks to which people all over the world can provide financial help for those who really need it, and vice versa. It means that all the transmitted bankrolls to another member are done by the person's own goodwill.

MMM Ideology

Mavrody Mondial Movement is a membership of people that provide each other financial help for free, mutually and benevolently.

As for the MMM Nigeria registration page, it is always open via the special website. That is why after the verification of the MMM Nigeria login details, a person can receive the help immediately in his MMM personal office account.

The ideology of MMM as it as considered by its management can be seen in the picture below.

Ideology of MMM

Mavrody Mondial Movement does not oblige members to sign a bunch of contracts. There are no creditors in this system. The principle is rather simple: one member asks for help — another one provides this help.

The MMM Ideology is based on the main rule: all the members of this system should be honorable and polite to each other. For example, when you are in trouble you can ask for financial help, but when you have the opportunity, you give this financial help to the person who needs it. Sounds like an ideal community, doesn't it? However, is it really so trouble-free? Let's continue reading and try to figure this out together.

MMM - what you need to know

Speaking about financial operations, there is no one banking account for the whole money flowing system. Every participant has its own banking account from which the money operations can be held. All members transfer money to each other by themselves, without any financial intermediary! Basically, Mavrody Mondial Movement has one function - to regulate the process.

As you can see, everything depends on people. Interesting, isn't it? If there are really no hidden rocks? Let's try to understand how MMM makes money.

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How does MMM make money?!

So, how does MMM work technically? First of all, a person needs help or announces the willingness to help somebody, after this the account i recompensed with Mavro (the “currency” of this financial system). Their number will start increasing from the moment of offering the contribution/donation at the rate of 30 % for a month.

Usually, the reward calculation happens twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 00:00 GMT. The quantity of your Mavro displays how much a person can claim for him/herself. For example, a person has declared the readiness to support with $100. He will be recompensed in his Personal Office with 100 Mavro. Right from that time, this will start increasing! A month later, from 100 a person will get 130 Mavro. It means that an MMM member will be able to claim help for $ 130.

Actually, it is unnecessary to wait for a whole month. The help can be claimed at any time after the confirmation of person's Mavro. In other words, anybody can ask for help only after transferring money, then another member received the help. An MMM member can see claims for help in his/her Personal Office. It is important to remember, after the confirmation, a member will have 48 hours to declare the readiness to support or will be removed from the Mavrody Mondial Movement.

Common MMM rules

As a rule, the number of the financial support usually converts into Mavro. For example, if a member has provided the help in 10000 NGN, he will be recompensed with 10000 Mavro.

MMM rules

As we have already mentioned, the number of Mavro increases on 30% in a month. What is more, a member can claim for help two weeks after the date the investment has been made, and all the members have confirmed receiving the help.

The number of Mavro increases on Tuesday and Thursday at about 1.00 a.m. (in Nigeria time zone).

MMM Nigeria

MMM registration bonus

It is claimed that after the registration in the Mavrody Mondial Movement, members get from $20 to $100 as a bonus. But only those who have invested their own money, and gave financial support to another member.

The list of bonuses which MMM promises after the registration:

#1. $20 – a member can get this bonus after the given help from $50 to $499. In other words, a person should invest from N20,000 (Twenty thousand Naira) to N200,000 (Two hundred thousand Naira) to receive the $20 bonus added to the 30% recompense. By the way, it is also important to know that this type of bonus increases daily. That is why the accurate amount should be always checked in the Personal Office. A member will receive this bonus after the confirmation of the support.

Also, it will start counting from the very day a member promised to give the help. It will then be blocked for two weeks, but this only refers to the bonus, not the money that was invested. By the way, if a person decides to turn them back earlier, he will lose $20.

Ideology of MMM - money

#2. $50 – an MMM member can get this after he/she has invested from $500 to $2'999. In other words, a person should invest from N250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand Naira) to N 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand Naira).

This bonus will be blocked for 30 days. But if a member decides to take it out earlier than 30 days expiring period, he will lose the $50 bonus. A member will only be able to take out only the invested money.

#3. $100 – a person can get this after the investment from $3'000 and above. He or she should give from N1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand Naira) and above. This bonus will also be blocked for 30 days. And if a member decides to take out the money before 30 days expire, he will lose this bonus. But still, MMM promises that the member can get back all money he/she invested and the 30% reward.

We hope you have found the given information useful. As you can see, the Mavrody Mondial Movement has created itself a good financial system and many people really think so. It is popular all over the world. They promise that if you need financial support, you will get it without any debt. However, before joining any of such systems, schemes, networks you should remember that caution is the parent of safety. Any your decision is your own responsibility.

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