Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best ideas

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best ideas

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes are not only delicious, but they are also amazing! Let’s look through some interesting variants of the best cakes for your special day! Get inspired by these photos!

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best Ideas

Wedding cakes in Nigeria

So, a traditional wedding is an honourable and important event in the life of any Nigerian. It’s like the next step towards the big union.

When all preparation is done, it’s a time to think about the cake recipes and designs. The couple tries to find the best cake bakers who create exceptional wedding cakes. If you are planning your wedding and you want to have a traditional ceremony, you should choose one of many variants. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best Ideas 2017

There are different traditional wedding cakes in Nigeria (such as Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, etc.). All of them look gorgeous and taste delicious. By the way, you can make some renovations in your traditional wedding cake according to modern trends. Very often Yoruba wedding traditions influence wedding cakes designs.

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes

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Yoruba traditional wedding cakes

As a rule, the cake is the bride’s responsibility. She usually chooses the best one, which blends well with their wedding color combinations. It can be chocolate or a multi-leveled butter with regular icing-sugar. Yoruba traditional wedding cake could also have tiny statuettes of the couple or a simple message of the bride's choosing. The cake creator usually tells the guests a bit about the cake before cutting.

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best variants

According to some people, the most magnificent part of the wedding is the wedding cake. Trends come and go, while traditions stay.

Nigerian traditional wedding cakes: Best Ideas

So, first of all, you should consider the budget for your cake. After you have determined what your budget is, you can go to a cake creator to choose the type and design of it. By the way, the classic wedding cake costs about N50, 000. Depending on your choice of design, it could be cheaper or more expensive. Everything depends on the person who will design your cake, and what ingredients and decorations you decide to add to it.

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: choose yours

The size of the cake can be decided after you know for sure how many people will be invited and think about your wedding budget. Two popular frosting kinds for wedding cakes are fondant icing and butter cream. Actually, butter cream is much less expensive than fondant icing, and traditionally it is much better.

Nigerian traditional wedding cake

Wedding cake's decorations

Decorations like gum paste flowers, multiple tiers, and fondant pearls will increase the primary price of the cake. Some brides prefer big cakes, which they cut and give to guests, others prefer “mini cakes”. But both variants usually come in gorgeous designs.

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Amazing Ideas

It should taste delicious. The bakers and cake-creators are stepping up their game with a few of the most delicious and creative tastes to integrate into Yoruba traditional wedding cake designs. The tastes can be in standard chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry or even Italian butter cream pecan, and pear. Cake-creators can even drizzle some chocolate over the high levels to act as a connecting material and also, they can incorporate different fruit flavors between the layers.

Have a look at the following wedding cakes designs for your inspiration. Just choose one according to your taste and wedding color combination.

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: white and yellow

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Bright Idea

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best Idea

Yoruba wedding cake

Yoruba traditional wedding

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: peach

Yoruba traditional wedding cakes: Best

As you can see, Yoruba traditional wedding cakes can be so different, depending on the preference and wedding budget. However, most of them depict traditions of Yoruba people. Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, so such element as wedding cake plays a great role. In this article, we have shared with you different types of the wedding cake decorations. So, if you are planning to get married, you will know for sure what kind of cake to choose. Good luck!

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