First political party in Nigeria

First political party in Nigeria

Politics is one of the main aspect of every country. Do you know what was the first political party in Nigeria? What are the current political parties? All the answers are awaiting your attention in the article.

Political Parties in Nigeria

Well, according to the department in charge of managing voting and recording political parties, Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigeria has 45 recorded political parties and manages a multiparty system.

Peoples Democratic Party, which is the opposition party in Nigeria, and the ruling All Progressive Congress, are thought to be the most influential.

Nigerian politics

Before we will tell you the story of the first political party in Nigeria, let's clarify the main issues with Nigerian politics. The Federal Republic of Nigeria, a Western African Federation, which consists of 36 sovereign states and 1 federal territory is operated entirely by the federal government. Actually, the federal government is made up of three separate branches: executive, legislative, and judicial, whose authorities are legitimated by the President, the Federal Courts (the Supreme Court as well), and the Constitution of Nigeria in the National Assembly.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has an executive authority, which is executed by the President. He is the head of the states, government, and of the multiparty system. The Politics of Nigeria occurs within the confines of the presidential, federal and representative democratic, where executive authority is exercised by the government.

National Assembly

National Assembly in session

The legislative authority is carried out by the government and two chambers of the legislature: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Together, these 2 chambers compose the Nigerian lawmaking body, which is called the National Assembly, and which serves to control the executive branch of the government.

The Supreme Court is the highest judiciary branch of government in Nigeria. It was created after the Independence and also practices the theory of Baron de Montesquieu which is all about the separation of authorities. This mode is also based on the United States system.

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Political parties in Nigeria

Nigeria now has 45 registered political parties (as we have already mentioned). They are:

#1. Peoples Democratic Party, Alimodu Sherrif is the party national chairman;

#2. All Progressives Congress, John Oyegun is its current national chairman;

#3. Social Democratic Party;

#4. United Democratic Party;

#5. Advanced Congress of Democrats, national party chairman is Ag. Peter Blavo;

#6. Accord, party chairman is Hon. Mohammad Lawal Nalado;

#7. Independent Democrats;

Political Party Symbols in Nigeria

#8. Alliance Congress Party of Nigeria, the current national chairman is Alh. Ganiyu O. Galadima;

#9. African Peoples Alliance, acting chairman is Emmanuel Urhuarhovie;

#10. All Progressives Grand Alliance, current chairman is Dr. Victor Ikechukwu Oye;

#11. Citizens Popular Party;

#12. Action Alliance, current national party chairman is Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar (Acting);

#13. Democratic Peoples Party;

#14. Democratic Peoples Congress;

#15. Alliance for Democracy, a national chairman is Chief Joseph Avazi;

#16. Kowa Party;


#17. Labour Party;

#18. Unity Party of Nigeria;

#19. Mega Progressive Peoples Party;

#20. National Conscience Party;

#21. New Nigeria Peoples Party;

#22. Progressive Peoples Alliance;

#23. Peoples Democratic Movement;

#24. Fresh Democratic Party;

#25. Hope Democratic Party;

#26. Peoples Party of Nigeria;

#27. United Progressive Party;

#28. People For Democratic Change;

#29. African Democratic Congress, a national chairman is Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu;

#30. Advanced People Democratic Alliance, Shitu Mohammed Kabiru is the current chairman of the party;


#31. Allied Congress Party of Nigeria;

#32. Action Democratic Party;

#33. All Democratic Peoples Movement;

#34. Better Nigeria Progressive Party;

#35. Democratic Alternative;

#36. Green Party of Nigeria;

#37. Masses Movement in Nigeria;

#38. National Action Council;

#39. National Democratic Liberty Party;

#40. Nigeria Elements Progressive Party;

#41. New Generation Party of Nigeria;

#42. Nigeria Peoples Congress;

#43. National Unity Party;

#44. Peoples Progressive Party;

#45. Peoples Redemption Party.

Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?

According to the history of Nigeria, the first political party was the NNDP (the Nigerian National Democratic Party). In 1922 Herbert Macaulay formed this party. What is more, the party was created as an accumulation of groups with different interests. It existed in Lagos at the same time the formidable platform, which will be a rival on the political forefront, was created.

Herbert Macaulay

During the Lagos Legislative Council elections in 1922, the Nigerian National Democratic Party contended for many posts, from which the party won only three. In spite of this, it remained a strong power in Lagos politics, it was defeated by the Nigerian Youth Movement during the elections in 1938.

For a long time, the party’s name remained unmentioned, until 1964 when Samuel Ladoke Akintola accepted it as his own party. It was a move made in an attempt to collapse the Action Group party led by Obafemi Awolowo.

In general, the Nigerian politics is a rather complicated issue, but still, it is developing rather fast. In other words, many years ago there were several political parties, and it was enough for that time. And now, there are 45 parties, and some of them have the same aim. Who knows, maybe they will unite their strength and cooperate for the country's good.

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