Notorious kidnapper Evans reveals secret about his dad

Notorious kidnapper Evans reveals secret about his dad

- The suspected kidnap kingpin Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans has said that his dad lied about money he gave him

- Evans disclosed that he dropped out of school at JSS2, when his father refused to send him to school

- He further said that he has been fending for himself since he was 10 with the support of his mother

The suspected kidnap kingpin Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans, has said that he gave his father N3million cash, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and a Hilux Van.

Evans said he had done all that for his father before he stopped visiting his hometown, Umudim, Nnewi in Anambra state. gathered that Evans made the allegation when detectives took him to one of the dens his gang used for the detention of victims.

The bungalow situated at Green Street, Jakande Estate, Isolo, was rented by the kingpin, through his gang members in 2010 and he paid the rent yearly.

Notorious kidnapper Evans reveals secret about his dad

Notorious kidnapper Evans reveals secret about his dad

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The other two are situated at New Igando and Gowon Estate, the suspect said.

Evans said: “Before I stopped going home, I gave my father N3million and I bought him a jeep and pick up van.

''I believe that part of the money I gave him was what he used to establish the piggery business. Had it been my father had taken good care of me, I wouldn’t have become what I am today.

“I dropped out of school at JSS2, when my father refused to send me to school. I have been fending for myself since I was 10 with the support of my mother, presently my mother is paral*zed. She’s on sick bed.''

Evans, who allegedly threatened his victims with death and even shot at some of them, said he believes in God.

Although detectives said Evans held Chief James Udoji and five other victims hostage in the Jakande camp until their families paid demanded ransom, Evans said he only had three victims inside the building.

He said: “I have just three camps in Lagos where I kept some of the victims, I kidnapped, and the camps are in Jakande, Igando and Gowon area of the state.

“I collected $1million from Udoji. Another victim Emesbos paid me $300,000, while the third person paid N250,000.

''Whenever I noticed policemen were after me, I moved the victim to a different camp so that I won’t be tracked.

“I rented the Jakande house for N750,000 per annum. I also operated several bank accounts.

“The house at Igando has two different apartments. I rented the house for N1million per year. I only kept two victims in the house and they are Chief Umeh and the pharmacist, Chief Donatus Dunu, who escaped.

“We collected €23million (euros) from the family. We demanded €300million before they paid €23million and promised to bring the rest.

''When we collected the money, I told my boys to release the man, they were the ones holding him, because then, I was suspecting policemen were after me.

“I was surprised when I heard that Chief Donatus Dunu has escaped from the detention camp. It was one of my boys that called and informed me about the development.

''I was still not convinced that Uche and Emeka did not collect money from the victim’s family and released him.

“It was after two weeks that I received a call from my spy in the community that policemen had busted the house and recovered arms and ammunitions.

“I usually don’t go to the house. I have my boys on the ground there and they give me information about the development on daily basis. That alone gives me the assurance that all was well with any victim we kidnapped.

“When I heard that the Igando house has been busted by the police, I threatened the camp officer Uche Amadi that I was going to kill him. I just wanted to get the truth about the escape of the pharmacist from him.

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“I always controlled my boys on the phone. Most of the detention camps, I asked them to do the findings and get back to me.

''I usually gave them specification on the houses to look for and I only went to the place after they must have inspected. I don’t just rent any house, anywhere based on what we were using them for.”

Evans said he was being treated well by other suspects, adding that policemen were also friendly with him.

“They take good care of me. I cannot blame them if they did not take care of me because I am the cause of my problem. I am reaping what I sowed.

“I do not have any car called Fathom. The only vehicles I have are Toyota Hilux, Nissan pickup – N7million, Luxus GS460 – N22million, Range Rover, 2016 model – N55million and Luxus GL47 – N9million.''

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the suspected kingpin, Chukwudemeje George Onwuamadike alias Evans, owners of bungalow structures at Jakande Estate, Isolo, on Monday June 19 commenced profiling of their tenants.

The landlords, who expressed shock at the revelations by Evans, said they have started issuing forms to their tenants to establish their means of livelihood and other vital information. visited Evans the kidnapper's house, and asked Lagosians what punishment is appropriate for the kingpin. Watch the video below


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