Foundation seeks Wike’s assistance for journalist’s book publication

Foundation seeks Wike’s assistance for journalist’s book publication

Editor’s note: A non-governmental organization, Ogoni Patriotic Library Foundation has sought financial assistance from the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike on behalf of a former spokesperson of Nigerian Union of Journalists in the state, Rogerson Ntor-ue over the colossal debt he incurred from a book he recently published and dedicated to the governor.

In a message sent to, a Facebook user, Rogerson Ntor-ue said the appeal was necessary because of the tremendous impact the book would make in the society.

The management of Ogoni Patriotic Library Foundation has sent a passionate appeal on behalf of the author of a 468-page book titled "Dynamics of sustainable youths & community empowerment”, Mr. ROGERSON T. NTOR-UE, to the Executive Governor of Rivers state, Chief (Barr.) Nyesom Wike, to reciprocate the author’s unsolicited goodwill gesture on humanitarian grounds as a public relations policy issue.

The management resolved at the end of their annual quarterly meeting to appeal on behalf of the author who is the Founder/Executive Director of the Foundation and one-time public relations officer/publicity secretary of the Rivers State Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), for the colossal debt he incurred to publish his book which he dedicated to the governor.

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They disclosed that the dedication was in admiration, appreciation and commemoration of the governor’s exemplary and laudable landmark developmental exploits, as well as the overwhelming pragmatic approach adopted and demonstrated in the overall advancement of the Rivers State during his tenure as minister and governor.

Foundation seeks Wike’s assistance for journalist’s book publication

Foundation seeks Wike’s assistance for journalist’s book publication

The millennial book which according to the author has become a potential course material for undergraduates in the “Adult & Community Development Department” nationwide, also complimented the extra-ordinary achievements of the Vice Chancellor of Rivers State University, Prof. Blessing C. Didia and the management for producing exceptionally distinctive graduates since its inception over thirty years ago.

The Foundation management lamented that the book publication has landed the ace veteran Canada-based author, human/environmental rights activists in very unpleasant circumstances, coupled with bitter hypertensive experiences because his creditor has given him no breathing space in his bid to recover the printing loan.

The Foundation expressed gross disappointment with the governor’s inability or deliberate postponement to appreciate his unsolicited sacrifice because the author was fully convinced before embarking on the book project that Governor Wike will unfailingly, as a matter of policy, support viable educational and community empowerment initiatives, especially those that strive to project and indelibly immortalize his unquantifiable achievements as Governor of Rivers State.

They revealed that the author/publisher who was once the Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Tide Chapel, had expressed satisfaction with the governor’s notable fundamental socio-educational achievements for Rivers people in particular when he was the Supervising Minister of Education, which according to him proved and portrayed him as an educationist par excellence.

He recalled that as minister, the governor distributed over four million textbooks and resource materials to basic educational institutions in Rivers State.

The Foundation management opined that the unrivalled performances by the governor thus far authenticate the fact that he would readily empower promising and prospective stars, instead of extinguishing existing lights.

Recounting the author’s ordeal, they disclosed that several appeals have been made to the governor through distinguished personalities but they fell on deaf ears, thus yielded no positive results. They said that the latest frantic effort made to persuade the governor through the Commissioner i/c Training, with the Rivers State Universal

Basic Education Board (RSUBEB), Dr. William Nzidee, was diplomatically dismissed and swept under the carpet by the Government House Chief of Staff, Chief Emeka Woke, who said that ‘he was instructed by the H.E. to Keep In View’ since November 2016.

The author himself emphasized that he has been paying a very huge toll with his health and reputation since the frequent pressure being mounted by his loan benefactor was extremely unbearable, embarrassing and absolutely humiliating and disgraceful.

He frantically expressed confidence in Governor Wike’s sense of humanism and philanthropism, hoping that he will see reason to reconsider his plight by recognising and appreciating the sacrificial goodwill gesture shown to him by a patriotic and indigenous author who hails from oil-rich Ogoniland, an integral part of the Rivers State.

It would be recalled that the highly reputable and prolific author who is a member of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) has authored ten books, published three monthly magazines and newspapers, including the famous once widely-circulated OGONISCOPE.

He started his writing career since 1984 when he single-handedly published the biography of Ogoni’s premier member of the First Assembly House of Representatives, late Hon. Timothy Naakuu Paul Birabi … Sun of Ogoni.

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The author has unceremoniously joined Rivers people to acknowledge the achievements of a personality whom even the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, described as “MR. PROJECT” via the dedication but queried and demanded answers whether it is a criminal offence for him to wilfully identify with the progress of the governor’s administration which has brought democratic dividends to the grassroots through his publication?

There is no gainsaying the fact that the governor has successfully combated cultism and restored peace throughout the state, with the cooperation of the police and the armed forces.

He emphasized that all he is pleading with the governor to do is to assist him as soon as possible with the token sum for his creditor, an amount which he described as ‘peanut and chicken’ to the government.

The author condemned and distanced himself from anyone who said the governor is behaving like an ‘ingrate’ for failing to appreciate a genuine and unsolicited commendation of his exploits.

He said the establishment and development of the free Ogoni Community Library/Youths Skills

Centre which he has been desperately attempting to build prompted the writing and dedication of his book to the governor, adding that the library project is open to donors from philanthropic individuals, development organisations to embassies and institutions.

The author pledged to freely distribute the printed copies to community libraries and tertiary institutions in the Rivers State. Find attached the front cover page of the book on youths and community empowerment written by a prolific Ogoni author, journalist and publisher.

Thanks in anticipation for your time and package. God bless.

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