How to transfer airtime on MTN?

How to transfer airtime on MTN?

Do you know how to transfer airtime on MTN? If you have just joined MTN or have simply forgotten its main codes, but want to share airtime on MTN, keep reading the article and see how to do it. Two easy methods will be shown to you.

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How to transfer airtime on MTN?

Method 1

Main steps how to transfer Airtime on MTN are the following:

  • Default PIN changing

Your first step should include changing the Default PIN. At the beginning, every number has standard PIN Code, which is - 0000. If you haven’t changed it yet, then read this part of our guide very carefully, if yes, then skip this paragraph.


So, how to change this PIN for a new one?

You need to send an SMS message to 777 with the following text: Your Default PIN + New PIN Code + Repeat New PIN Code (For instance, your text message should contain such items: 0000 (Default Pin) 8900 (New Pin) 8900). In this case, 8900 will be your new PIN Code for MTN airtime transfer. Your Pin may contain any numbers.

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transfer airtime MTN?

Having acquired your new password for share and sell, you go further.

  • MTN transfer message

You will need to send one more SMS message, like this:

TRANSFER + Number of your Recipient + Amount of money which you want to transfer + PIN code

- This message is to be sent to the same short telephone number – 777.

- MTN airtime transfer code is always the same, bear in mind, and it is 777.

transfer airtime on MTN

- Let’s see an example of such SMS: Transfer 123456789 (Recipient number) 1000 (Amount) 8900 (Pin).

- After the completion of this part, you will get SMS with the request for confirmation, that is, if you really want to approve the MTN transfer.

- You will have to send SMS with 'YES' to the same number.

If everything is done properly, you will receive an approval notification with your remaining account balance, how much money you transferred, and also the number of a person who received the MTN airtime transfer.

transfer MTN

Method 2

- If you don’t trust the SMS sending mode, then you may opt for USSD command.

- This way, you have to do is perform the following actions:

DIAL + *600* + Number of the person who is to receive the airtime + Amount + PIN# + pressing OK.

An example of the message: dial*600*08067654333*1000*8900 – OK.


- If everything is done well, then you will be sent a reply.

So, now you know the MTN airtime transfer code, which is – 777 and are aware of how to share airtime on MTN by SMS messages sending or opting for USSD command.

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