Yoruba introduction ceremony list

Yoruba introduction ceremony list

You have decided to get married, and are now planning everything so it turns out the right way? The first part of your wedding is the introduction ceremony. So, find out in this post the details of this integral part of Yoruba traditional wedding and about Yoruba introduction ceremony list, in particular.

Yoruba introduction ceremony

Introduction ceremony

As we have already mentioned, the first part of the Yoruba traditional wedding is the introduction ceremony. Basically, wedding introduction is a simple formal ceremony where the groom’s and bride's family members officially get to know one another. First of all, both of them should inform their parents about the wedding. According to the Yoruba culture, the groom’s family will send in seniors in his extended family and a few close family members to ask the bride to marry him.

Introduction ceremony

As for the bride’s family, they must be prepared for this special visit and to welcome the guests in a good way. Actually, being hospitable is a crucial part of the Yoruba culture. There will also be some members of the bride’s family to welcome them.

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Yoruba introduction ceremony list

Yoruba introduction ceremony list

The list of items for Yoruba introduction ceremony:

1) for the groom:

- some tubers of yam;

- few bottles of wine;

2) for the bride:

- cook a delicious meal;

- soft drink;

- to be dressed in her traditional iro and buba, with gele head gear.

Yoruba bride

Usually, after members of both families officially got known each other, they begin to discuss the date of this event. When the date for their Yoruba traditional engagement ceremony is chosen, the bride and the groom will be officially united as husband and wife.

Wedding introduction

Engagement list

The engagement is a very important part of the Yoruba traditional wedding. It is usually conducted by a traditional master of the ceremony. This part of the traditional wedding in Nigeria requires a list of special items that will complete the engagement ceremony.

Yoruba engagement list

This list usually consists of:

- a bag of rice;

- a bag of sugar;

- a wristwatch;

- a large number of bitter kola;

- kola nut;

- a bag of salt;

- lace fabric;

- a bible (if you are Christian);

- a keg of honey;

- about 40 large tubers of yam;

- a head tie;

- several pairs of shoes;

- a gold engagement ring;

- an alligator pepper.

Yoruba engagement ceremony list

Well, as you can see, Yoruba traditional wedding consists of two main parts: introduction ceremony and engagement ceremony. No doubt, a wedding is a big step in our life. Also, it is important to introduce your choice for a life partner to your parents. Everything should be official, that is why there is such a tradition as the introduction ceremony. Now you know all there is to know about these important ceremony. Good luck on your big day!

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