Tiv traditional attire

Tiv traditional attire

Each country has its own traditions and national outfits. Today you have a great opportunity to learn more about the Tiv people traditional attire. Read the article and see the photos of Tiv people and their native dressing!

Tiv people

Tiv traditional attire

Tiv man

The Tiv tribe can be found in Nigeria. They live in the states of Benue and Plateau. The traditional clothing of this people is one of the most interesting parts of their culture.

Tiv people native dressing is a fabric wrapped around the waist and reaching the knees. Men wear form of turban. Tiv often prefer black and white traditional clothes.

Beautiful women

Their native dressing is known as A’nger. Sometimes it sounds like A’nger U Tiv. This collocation is translated as white and black stripes. Casual Tiv clothes, made from A’nger, can also look stylish and fashionable. Women can wear it in many different ways. They can wear it in blouses, skirts, and headtie.

Tiv traditional color

There is a large selection of clothes made for children. These little girls look so cute in tiny A’nger attire.

Cute tiv children

Tiv people wear their traditional attire at important political meetings and funeral ceremonies. The white and black colours are also worn by different cultural groups. People use it during cultural dances like the Swange Dance Troupe.

The black colour means that the Tiv people have their roots as black people from Africa. The white colour signifies peace and love. This way, the two colours represent a zebra character in wild nature. The zebra is one of the most peaceful and mild creatures. It does not cause people any harm.

Tiv beautiful woman

The Tiv people also have the Kpaabor bag. It has a pruning spear which contributes to a warrior's appearance.

The Kpaabor bag represents a person who is a courageous leader. People can rely on this leader in difficult situations.

Men traditional attire

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Tiv traditional wedding attire

Tiv groom and bride

Tiv traditional marriage is one of the most affluent in Nigeria. It is quite amazing to watch. It takes a very long time to prepare for the wedding, though.

First, the groom along with his family meet the bride’s family. He brings a bottle of wine if the bride’s family wishes it. Then both families agree on an official date of the wedding. There is a number of cultural traditions and rules during this procedure. Both sides must adhere to it.

The bride with her bridesmaids

During the weddings, Tiv people wear different colourful clothes. The bride and groom’s attires are the most important elements of the wedding.

Black and white stripes remain an unchanged aspect of traditional clothing even at the wedding.

The young marriage

A variety of accessories is a crucial component of the wedding style. They are worn by the happy bride and groom. Some of the most fashionable accessories are black and white beads. They can be worn as a headdresses, bracelets or necklace. Men prefer canes which follows the tradition of the people.

Tiv native attire

All in all, each region has its own cultural tradition. It is important that the people follow them. It concerns everything that surrounds a person – occupation, appearance, wedding attire and so on. Every country has different traditions. But they are still unique and special. The same goes for the Tiv traditional attire. Although white and black are the main colors, it doesn’t prevent people from looking stylish. It also helps to support the traditions of their people.

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