Cheapest MTN tariff plan for international calls

Cheapest MTN tariff plan for international calls

There is the saying ‘Talk is cheap’. However, talk is not that cheap when you have friends that are not in Nigeria. Luckily, MTN has several options for you that will help you stay in touch without spending too much of your money. Do you want to know what the cheapest MTN tariff plan is? Continue reading, and we will tell you about the latest cheapest MTN tariff plan that you can get to call your friends in other countries.

MTN Nigeria

MTN is one of the biggest mobile operators in Nigeria. The company has existed since 2001, and year after year, they prove their value and importance on the Nigerian market. They offer a lot of different tariffs for people with different needs. MTN have also not forgotten about people that want to make calls abroad.

Therefore, after scouring MTN’s website, we are ready to announce the winner of the title of 'cheapest MTN tariff plan 2017' (for international calls). Drumroll, please! It is…

Xtraspecial Postpaid

Xtraspecial postpaid

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This cheapest MTN tariff plan for calls will not empty your pockets after few seconds of talking to your foreign friends. For only 15 kobo per second (₦9 per minute) you can reach your friends from any of the selected 28 countries.

The selected countries are:

☛ In Europe: Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Luxembourg.

☛ In Asia: China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore.

☛ In America: Canada, United States, Mexico.

☛ Other countries: South Africa, Australia.


To migrate to this tariff plan, you need to dial *408# or send text the numer 408 to the short number 131.

The other benefit of this tariff plan is that it is not only cheap, but it also does not require you to pay daily or monthly fees! Pay when you want and have no worries.

In addition to all that, you get to enjoy 7-day trial of EPL’s video service free of charge. Amazing!

Other options

MTN international bundles

Apart from the cheapest MTN tariff plan for international calls, you should also consider the International Bundles MTN has to offer.

In addition to your cheapest MTN tariff plan, whether it is prepaid or postpaid, you can order a bundle for international calls. There are three options to choose from:

➀ Pay ₦300 for 20 international minutes that will last you three (3) days (₦15 per minute);

➁ Pay ₦500 for 40 international minutes that will last you seven (7) days (₦12.5 per minute);

➂ Pay ₦1500 for 150 international minutes that will last you thirty (30) days (₦10 per minute).

To order one of these bundles, send a text to 131.

❯ For International Bundle 1, text IDB300;

❯ For International Bundle 2, text IDB500;

❯ For International Bundle 3, text IDB1500.

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After purchasing one of these bundles, you will be able to make calls at a discounted price to 28 foreign countries mentioned above. To check how many minutes you have left, dial *559*7#.

Nigeria has plenty of mobile operators. However, not all of them are as affordable or customer-friendly as MTN. You can always find the cheapest tariff plan on MTN. Never lose touch with your foreign friends just because your tariff is too inconvenient. Move to MTN or find a deal you prefer more.

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