David Ibiyeomie private jet: Does it exist?

David Ibiyeomie private jet: Does it exist?

Has anybody ever seen David Ibiyeomie private jet? A lot of people would like to know the truth. Would you? Let's try to find the answer together!

A private jet

Being a pastor in Africa is very honorable and profitable. People worship them as God and bring generous donations to their churches. The stories of these common men of God and the information available on the Internet about the pastors' wealth, their magnificent houses, cars, and bank accounts amaze ordinary people. Today we continue our efforts to look into the lives of Nigerian pastors. Let's find out if one of them has a private jet.

David Ibiyeomie

David Ibiyeomie, Pastor

Briefly about Pastor David Ibiyeomie

We are talking about Pastor David Ibiyeomie. He is a spiritual mentor and founder of Salvation Ministries which is located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He organized Salvation Ministries (Glorious Chapel) on the 13th of April 1997. In the beginning, the number of parishioners was a little over twenty people. In July of the same year, the church moved to Port Harcourt. Now, Sunday services of the headquarter church see up to 50,000 members of congregation. The Salvation Ministries also has more than 130 parishes in many other cities in Nigeria, the UK, and the USA.

In addition to his pastoral activities, Ibiyeomie also writes articles and books (he has published more than fifty-five books), and also deals with the education of youths.

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David Ibiyeomie, a Pastor and author

Is David Ibiyeomie one of the private jet owners?

Now, let us talk about the Pastor’s private jet. Is David Ibiyeomie included on the list of pastors with private jets in Nigeria? Back in 2014, reports that David Ibiyeomie bought his private jet filled the internet. But the rumor remained unconfirmed. Of course, David Ibiyeomie is not a poor man. Thanks to charitable contributions and donations of the parishioners and earned income for publishing books, the pastor can enjoy a level of luxury. still, he is not as wealthy as, for example, his colleagues, and the owners of private jets:

• Bishop David Oyedepo

• Enoch Adeboye

• Ayo Oritsejafor

• T.B. Joshua

• Bishop Mike Okonkwo

David Ibiyeomie, a founder and mentor of Salvation Ministries

David Ibiyeomie, a founder of Salvation Ministries

Therefore, the rumors about Ibiyeomie’s private plane will remain rumors. Perhaps David Ibiyeomie uses the private jets belonging to one of his fellow pastors or the wealthy parishioners of his church who wish to remain anonymous. But whether he has a private jet only Pastor David Ibiyeomie himself knows for sure.

In any case, we hope Pastor Ibiyeomie will continue to fulfill his mission honourably. He was entrusted to be a guide between God and ordinary people. The pastor must not forget that all the blessings sent to him by Heaven must be used for the glory of God.

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