How to make ugba and stockfish?

How to make ugba and stockfish?

Do you like to treat yourself with something delicious? Are you good at cooking? Maybe you are looking for a new recipe to cook? We can help you with this! Today we will cook a new dish. Read this article and you will know how to make Ugba for sure!

This is Ugba

Nigerian food recipes

Ugba and stockfish

The Nigerian cuisine represents the cuisine of Western Africa. Daily Nigerian food consists of two main components - a homemade garnish and a main dish in the form of vegetables and meat/fish.

Now we will learn how to make Nigerian Ugba!

Abacha and Ugba

Ugba is an oil bean seed. It is one of the highlights of restaurants in Nigeria. This is a conventional Igbo meal. Ugba is prepared in almost the same way as the African Salad (Abacha) but using Ugba as the main ingredient.

Ugba preparation is similar to that of Breadfruit with Corn (Ukwa na Oka).

This special meal quite exclusive and requires expensive ingredient. That's why people who make Ugba without adding Abacha are considered to be wealthy! Now, let us look at one of the recipes for cooking Ugba.

Preparing Ugba. Ingredients:

How to make Ugba

- 3 fistfuls of Ugba;

- half a cup of red palm oil;

- 1 habanero pepper;

- 1 teaspoon of powdered edible potassium (baking powder);

- a big stock cube;

- half a teaspoon of ogiri Igbo;

- 2 large pieces of ponmo;

- 1 big cut stockfish;

- 1 handful crayfish or 2 tablespoons ground crayfish;

- 10 medium crayfish;

- Salt (to taste).

Igbo cuisine

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What you need for serving: one red onion and a big knot of garden egg leaves. Also, you will need some stockfish or dry fish. It is up to you what to choose.

Before adding your Ugba into the meal, it must be shredded. You also need to dedicate a lot of time to cooking it.

As you prepare the dish, you need to rinse your Ugba and pour it through a sieve, then wait until it drains.

Wash and cook the stockfish and ponmo. Then set them aside. If you prefer to use smoked fish you don't need to cook it.

Ugba and Okporoko

When the ponmo and stockfish cool down, slice them into small pieces.

Slice the habanero peppers into tiny pieces. Then break the crayfish of average size into small pieces using your fingers. Make the bigger crayfish smaller.

The next step is to cut the red onion in the form of rings. This is for the garnish.

Then cut the garden egg leaves. They are also needed for the side dish.

Step by step cooking instruction:

Ugba sauce

1. You need to pour out the palm oil into a pan.

2. Then you mix the solution of potassium in. Mix it with the palm oil and stir continuously. You will soon notice that it will become yellow and heavy.

3. Next, you add the ogiri Igbo into the pan. Dissolve it with the help of a putty - knife.

Palm oil

4. Then add your ground crayfish, the stockfish, and ponmo. Mix the components until they become one mixture.

5. After a while, add the Ugba with sliced habanero pepper and residues from preparing the stockfish and ponmo.

6. The next step is to continue mixing this mixture. Whet it heats up, add some salt and mix again. Take the delicacy off from the stove.

Making Ugba

This is it! Your amazing dish is finally cooked! You can serve it with some chilled drinks.

Nigerian cuisine has always been famous for its delicious dishes. The energy exerted and the cost of ingredients to cook this new recipe are reimbursed by the unbelievable taste of this very dish! Now you know how to prepare Ugba. Be sure to try this magical meal!

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