Interview: Elections must hold in Anambra because Biafra people are still in Nigeria – Pro- Biafra group

Interview: Elections must hold in Anambra because Biafra people are still in Nigeria – Pro- Biafra group

Comrade Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu is the director general of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN). It is the political arm of IPOB which is vehemently opposed to Nnamdi Kanu’s call for boycott of November 18, 2017 elections in Anambra state. In this short interview with Austin Oyibode of, she throws more light on Biafra agitations and why Anambra election must not be opposed by Kanu.


You and Nnamdi Kanu are having disagreement over voting or no voting in the Anambra elections. What is the situation now?

I want to correct an impression. Nnamdi Kanu is still my boss just like I said in Nnewi, and he made that move for reconciliation. I don't think we are just stopping with that move at Nnewi, we are moving ahead. If you remember, he said that there was a monumental misunderstanding, and that is what we want to resolve. He is still preaching no election and I am preaching that there will be elections.

After that meeting in Nnewi, we are still going to meet. The next meeting will determine whether Nnamdi Kanu will continue to say there will be no elections. I know that before that next meeting, he must have seen reasons why there must be elections in Biafra land.

Are you and other Biafran leaders making moves to convince him on why Biafrans must vote?

Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, he is the Director of Radio Biafra, which is the media arm of the IPOB. If Nnamdi Kanu has come to Dr. Dozie Ikedife and recognized him to be the leader of IPOB worldwide, I think that what Kanu is doing is to say that I have returned to the leader.

Interview: Elections must hold in Anambra because Biafra people are still in Nigeria – Pro- Biafra group

Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu, director general of Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria. She says election must hold in Anambra state

It's the leader who decides what happens. If Ikedife stands up to say there will be elections in Biafra land, Nnamdi Kanu naturally won't object to that because he is part of the IPOB. He will be part of the decision making, but will not make the final decision.

Are you pre-empting what Nnamdi Kanu is going to do?

I know him. I know that he is not as stubborn as people think he is. I don't think that if Ikedife takes a stance different from what he is saying today, he will disobey. Not anymore.

What is your message to the disciples of Nnamdi Kanu who go about canvassing for no elections in Biafra land?

My message to them is that they should be calm, they should be quiet. I understand that they are angry, I understand that all they want is Biafra. But they should understand that there are methods more strategic than coming out to shout Biafra. There must be a methodology, they should calm down and wait for the leader to conclude and complete his consultations.

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He is going round from one pro-Biafran group to the other calling for peace. They should wait and stop dragging us backward. Nnamdi Kanu is a learned man. I don't think he will not do what is right for our people to restore Biafra, so my advice is that they should stop these throwing stones and castigating each other on the internet. They should stop it.

What I expect them to do is to be calm and relax. The leaders are talking, the leaders are meeting. They should be silent, they should wait for the outcome of these meetings before they will know what next to do. I don't like this situation where they are putting a noose around Kanu's neck. What they are saying on facebook is indicting Nnamdi Kanu the more.

So why do you think elections should hold?

Because we are still in Nigeria, there is a president ruling over all the states in Nigeria. Anambra is part of these states. If Biafrans, Igbos boycott elections in Anambra, the implication is that the president can bring somebody to rule over us. If there is chaos of boycott on the day of elections, the president can pick a Hausa/Fulani military administrator to rule over Anambra.

If he does that, what will you do? Will that give us Biafra? If the president says they want Obiano to continue, what will you do? We have been crying that we don't want Obiano, we don't want APC, we don't want APGA, we don't want PDP, what are we going to do? What we are going to do is to come out en masse, and vote out that person we say we don't like, and vote in those we know have the Biafran ideology. That is the one think that will work, not boycott.

Tell us more about this MOBIN from which you are gaining so much confidence about winning Anambra 2017

MOBIN is Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria. We are not a political party, we are a political movement. UPP is a registered political party in Nigeria and we have come to find out that the manifesto and constitution of UPP contains everything that Biafra is looking for. In its manifesto lies referendum, in its manifesto lies self-determination and these are the two things that Biafrans need for independence.

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Therefore, we felt that we could use UPP as a channel to plant core Biafrans into all the elective positions in Nigeria. We went to UPP and we asked UPP to file in core Biafrans to come and contest for elections, and they told us ok.

What Biafrana are going to do in Anambra elections this year will shock the whole world, because I promise you that we are voting in a core Biafran with Biafran agenda and ideology to become the next governor of Anambra state, come November 18, 2017.

Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu is addressing his disciples on the way forward. Watch him on TV channel


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