OPINION: Why Buhari must allow Biafrans to go now

OPINION: Why Buhari must allow Biafrans to go now

Editor’s note: Call for Biafra republic or the constitution of referendum has remained a topical issue on Nigeria’s political space in the last few weeks.

In a message sent to NAIJ.com, a Facebook user, Princewill JM Ugosinachi explains why federal government should allow true federalism or allow Biafra republic.

There is a big problem in Nigeria. We need Biafra. Let the whole world know it. Don't say you are not told if genocide is committed this time, it will be a crystal cleansing because we will wipe the north.

I am a Biafra, I don't need war! I am asking for a referendum date for Nigeria and Biafras to determine their fate. For me, Nigeria has expired and Biafra is a dream that has come true. I don't mind how many that will conspire to wage war on us.

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British will know that Biafrans are the true Jews of the ancient from the seed of Gad. I have said it. It is better for all the youth from your Yoruba people and other tribes to understand that our constitution is a typical crime against humanity.

OPINION: Why Buhari must allow Biafrans to go now

OPINION: Why Buhari must allow Biafrans to go now

Please come out in massive and demand for referendum, come on the table and dialogue if we love the unity of this country. Note everywhere is a class room. Argument is not hate like most times social media and comments have made me understand how a pure Yoruba man reasons by their comment.

I don't judge them but the nature of Hausa-Fulani are the same room. They don't want western education. Yoruba people don't like development. Just restructure Nigeria, you northerners and westerners said no. Why don't you dream to have a country where you can sleep and wake up without the sound of generator or consuming carbon monoxide poisoning?

Bringing down your immune system, eating red meat all the time and die like fowls. The people that sell meat and suya why they don't consume it? Why are people blind? You said you’re a graduate and you don't know what basic standard amenities are.

What is wrong with you graduates without jobs doing? Stealing and the police are worse than civilians. They even help to kidnap and involve in bank robbery. If you have Oduduwa or whatever you wish, all the youths will automatic be employed as long as you know what you’re working on and profession.

So as the whole region, if your leader decides to loot, you all will hold him down. And don't blame anybody else for your laxity. So shall we do ours? If I want to come your place, I come with documents; my government will know that I am there.

Security will be tight and there will be no room for robbery because you make a constitution for yourself. Oh at this age, people think that division is failure. South Korea was the same with north but as cousins. The south has gained more and now large in great economy. Singapore. Belgium as many as all the countries that had independence have gained to have a good security.

Most of them are in financial instability but they are better than Nigeria and have good structures and pay workers. Get loans and have a mortgage system that is not applicable in the Nigeria system of government.

Nigeria means heartbreak. A place where the Biafrans igbos and the rest fought the British emperors before they invaded Africa with the help of Fulani, the desert beats. That is why they cannot advise the stupid government. Nigeria is a company owned by British because of palm oil, cocoa and rubber plant.

They committed genocidal war against indigenous people – you and I. How come history is the best subject outside the world and dead in Africa? Sorry. Your failure cannot be mine. Your down low thinking cannot be what I applaud.

My dream as a Biafra is to have a Biafra that will beat Dubai, Malaysia and South Korea by 2040. Biafra must prevail and the return of a black from hate to love, from fight to celebration, from ignorance to development, from animal to pure human.

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Those that will be against it must be slayed in the war if ever they bring it on but if they think 1967 is 2017, it is a typical no. I just can't imagine people’s mentality. You that have been abroad and don't speak the truth will be condemned.

What does it take to put a country together? Constitution? Why should a constitution cover a government that loots money makes citizens who place them as leader less animal. You can be a minister and kill anyone and close the case.While in western world who amalgamete the country are practising true federalism.

Then you want to tell me that if I am Igbo man, I must provide for my people first before Yoruba or Hausa? Goodluck revived the economy and you all shouted crucify him. Now you voted Buhari and you are still in good condition right? Hmm wake up sleepy cat, wake up sleepy, dogs wake up, sleepy pigs, wake up sleepy cows, it is time for Biafra to do it alone. We don't need your support anymore.

You can watch this NAIJ.com video of the daily activities in Nnamdi Kanu's hometown:

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