What is TBC?

What is TBC?

The Billion Coin or simply TBC – is it a new way for Nigerians to become rich? Some people might say that it`s just another scam. It`s really up to you to decide if you want to invest your money into TBC cryptocurrency! Follow our full review to know more!

What is TBC?

TBC meaning

TBC meaning

Several months ago, Nigeria was introduced to a new scheme of payment for goods. It`s called TBC coin! The TBC coin has been described as anew way to end poverty in all countries. It similar to bitcoin in some way. It has been almost eight years since bitcoins were presented to the public. The inventor of the Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. He revealed this innovation in 2009. It`s called the first decentralized cryptocurrency.

TBC uses

TBC uses almost the same formula as the bitcoin. So, if you have the TBC login, you shouldn`t be blocked by any admin. Still, this works in theory. The practical use of this currency shows that admins may block your TBC wallet temporarily if there is any suspicious activity.

TBC is distributed through the chain called the blockchain. It is one of the first cryptocurrency used for this mechanism of distribution. For today, the bitcoin currency can be exchanged at legal or black markets.


About 100,000 legal vendors now accept bitcoins as currency. This year alone, there are over six million users who sell or buy with bitcoins.

What is TBC coin and how does it work?

What is TBC coin and how it works?

The TBC coin price is about 62, 379 US Dollars. It`s interesting that at the very beginning of its existence one bitcoin was worth about 10 USD dollars. You can find about 40000 verified members of TBC around the world. Therefore, TBC meaning becomes very clear. It`s possible to invite people to invest their money.

Bitcoins currency

How is it possible to become a millionaire with TBC coin price? According to the official website, you can find several methods of earning money here:

☞ You can buy TBC coins and keep them in your TBC wallet! According to the information gathered from the website, you can expect the value of the coin to increase to up to 5% daily. Therefore, it`s quite possible to double your money in twenty days.

☞ Your second option is to play on the exchange market with TBC. It`s not very easy, but you can get much more money from exchange operations. Still, it`s advisable that you get some kind of mentoring from other players on this market.

the Billion coin

Still, you must know that there are people who do not think that the Billion coin is a fair deal or should even be called a cryptocurrency. They have their points, but it`s up to you to decide if you want to trust them. So, let`s take a look at the negative opinions about TBC coins.

Why is TBC cryptocurrency doubtful?

Why is TBC cryptocurrency doubtful?

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Some people provide several arguments that TBC is not a cryptocurrency. One of the main reasons is that it always goes up. Every cryptocurrency is independent of governments and banks! Nevertheless, it doesn`t mean an independence from the market logic. Therefore, every cryptocurrency is still dependable on the market value.


Every cryptocurrency follows the rules of the market`s demand and supply rates. The Billion coin shows constant rise despite any problem on the market. It`s possible to suggest that TBC is not a cryptocurrency for several reasons:

cryptocurrency follows

☛ There is no source code for TBC, like for bitcoins. No road map available. People just need to invest their money into the system, but they do not know how it works or why TBC price keeps raising.

☛ TBC does not provide any information about its open source!

☛ TBC price looks more like MMM scheme with no dependency on the market.

☛ It provides no open market for today. Therefore, if it fails, people who invested into TBC may lose their money!

☛ TBC is not registered at the coinmarketcap.com. It`s the main market for cryptocurrency exchange.

☛ Some experts provide information that TBC looks more like a scheme of profit for the founders! At the same time, other people may suffer great loses.

☛ There is no security! Admins can take your TBC at any time if you fail to follow their rules, for example. Bitcoin market can`t take your money from you for any reason.

☛ Aggressive marketing. The same type of marketing we have all seen with the MMM scheme. On the official TBC website and various YouTube channels – you see the testimonials of a number of people. They want you to buy and invest more into TBC. Can you imagine this kind of marketing when you buy bitcoins?

☛ It uses multilevel marketing schemes, where you need to invite your friends, colleagues and family members to get benefits from TBC. Bitcoin does not need to ask your friend to join to get more bitcoins? It`s not possible.

cryptocurrency experts

Other cryptocurrency experts provide more detailed information and openly claim that TBC is a Ponzi scheme.

How can you react to TBC?

How can you react to TBC?

It`s not appropriate to give you any advice about TBC coin price. It has its negative and positive sides. For today, about 400,000 people use the Billion Coin, and this number keeps rising. It`s certainly not usual for any kind of currency to go up constantly. This is what you will hear from any person who knows anything about economic science.

TBC rotator

It`s totally up to you to buy or reject TBC coins. They continue to rise in prices. Still, is it possible that any currency can keep increasing in value forever? Maybe it`s one of the currencies that will the break laws of the market, or it will be crushed by them.

What is TBC mean

What does TBC mean? If you have a desire to try, then you just need to get TBC login. It`s simple, go to the TBC official website and register. Who knows? Maybe it`s your chance to become a millionaire in Nigeria or lose everything...

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