Deinde Fernandez biography: a life of a billionaire

Deinde Fernandez biography: a life of a billionaire

Antonia Deinde Fernandez biography is something you must read if you aim to be truly wealthy! This man was one of the richest persons in Africa. He can be described as a man of various professions but who was he, really? Continue reading if you want to find out!

Deinde Fernandez biography: a life of a billionaire

Deinde Fernandez Profile

Deinde Fernandez profile

He was a pragmatic industrialist, peacemaker, and negotiator. It seemed like he had a thousand roles that he fitted in with. He was born in 1936. His city of birth is Lagos. Deinde Fernandez parents were Julia Fernandez and Canut Fernandez. He was raised in a low-income family. This was what inspired him to change his financial situation as early as he could.

The first thing you should know about Deinde Fernandez is that he studied in various schools in Lagos:

- C.M.S. Grammar School;

- Saint Gregory School;

- The Holy Cross.

From early childhood, he was destined to become a successful businessman.

Deinde Fernandez house was a luxury to see! He had six jets and even a castle in France. Deinde Fernandez Forbes estimated his possessions in the billions of dollars range. Nevertheless, it was before he left this world. What was at the very beginning of his path? Let`s find out!

The Biography of Deinde Fernandez – Trip to America!

The Biography of Deinde Fernandez – Trip to America!

He landed on the USA soil in 1954. He was only 18 years old! The USA was the perfect country for Deinde Fernandez business to begin and strive. In just two years, he became a millionaire. His first successful entrepreneurship was in bauxite ore shipment. This was how he was able to earn his first million dollars. A few years after that, he entered into the oil exploration market.

Deinde Fernandez and oil exploration business

Billions of dollars in Deinde Fernandez Biography

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Deinde Fernandez business started to make him billions of dollars when he acquired 50% of the Petro Inett share. The oil exploration area of the company was situated in the coast of Angola. It means that he had about 4,700 square kilometers for his oil venture in 1996. At this point, Deinde Fernandez net worth began to be counted, not in millions but billions of dollars.

Deinde Fernandez Diplomatic Career

Deinde Fernandez Diplomatic Career

He began his career as a politician in 1982. Deinde Fernandez served as the adviser to the Angolan Government. In 1984, he was appointed as the UN representative from Mozambique. In 1992, he was appointed as Special Adviser to the President of Mozambique. He managed to hold this position for two more years. In 1996, he became a Consul of the Dahomey Republic.

Deinde Fernandez Family

Deinde Fernandez Family

He was married several times during his lifetime. Let`s take a look at the Deinde Fernandez Wife List:

- His first wife was an American woman named Barbara. He lived with her for twenty-five years;

- Prices Abiola Dosunmu of Lagos was his second wife. He even forced her to stop using his family name through the court after the divorce;

- Duke Fernandez was his third wife. They divorced in 2003. He was obligated to pay seventy-five thousand pounds monthly after the divorce;

- Princess Halima Maude Kano was his last wife. She was with him until his last day on the 1st September 2015.

Deinde Fernandez also has three daughters

Deinde Fernandez also has three daughters:

- Teju Phillips;

- Abimbola Fernandez;

- Antoinette Oyinkansola Fernandez.

Deinde Fernandez managed to become extremely rich! One of the richest men in Africa, in fact. He died when he was 78. He left quite a bit of wealth and possessions behind.

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