Igbo names starting with K

Igbo names starting with K

There are many beautiful and meaningful Igbo names. However, we have found that there are not that many Igbo names starting with K. The most popular ones start with I, O, C and others, but somehow not with K. Therefore, we decided to share with you a list of pretty Igbo names. If you are looking for trendy Igbo names to choose for your child, we will help you with that!

Igbo names starting with K

We have compiled a list of Igbo names and meaning for every parent out there who is looking for some name inspiration.

Before we actually go on with the list, it would be useful to note one thing. In Igbo culture, there is a name for God or the Great Spirit. It is Chukwu or Chi. Even though Igbos since moved on to Christianity, the spiritual meaning of the names stayed the same.

Therefore, to not repeat it over and over, all of the names that have ‘chukwu’ or ‘chi’ in them mean something relating to God. It could be praise to God, or God’s wish. The names will be grouped by their meanings.

Igbo names for baby girl

baby girl

Names praising God:

★ Kaefeechukwu/Kamfeechukwu (Kaeffy, Kaefee, Kamfee);

★ Kaineneolisa/Kainenechukwu (Nene, Kaine, Kainene);

★ Kairaluchukwu (Kaira, Ral, Khyra, Ralu);

★ Kairamarachukwu (Kaira);

★ Kaisoluchukwu (Solu, Kaiso);

★ Kamsiyochukwu/Kamsiyonna (Kamsi, Siyonna, Kam kam);

★ Kamtochukwu (Kamto, Tochukwu, Kam Kam);

★ Karaluchukwu (Raluchi, Kara, Luchi);

★ Kasarachi/Kasarachukwu (Kassy, Rachi, Sara);

★ Kosarachi/Kosaluchi (Kossy, Sara, Rachis);

★ Kosoluchukwu/Kosaluchukwu (Kosolu).

Other names: Kamharida (I should not fall), Kandibe/Kamdibe (My consolation), Kanyinulia (Let us rejoice), Kesandu (Spread life to everyone), Kemafo.

Igbo names for baby boy

baby boy

Names praising God:

☆ Kachisicho (Kachi);

☆ Kachiside (Kachi);

☆ Kaetochukwu (Kaeto, Too Too, Tochukwu, Chuks);

☆ Kainyechukwuekene (Kainye, Chu Chu, Ekene, Kene);

☆ Kaitochukwu (Kaito, Chuks, Tochukwu, Too Too);

☆ Kamdilichukwu (Kamdi);

☆ Kamfeechi (Kamfe, Kam);

☆ Kamsiyonna (Kamsi, Siyonna);

☆ Kanayochukwu (Anao, Kanayo, Chuks);

☆ Kamnyechukwuekene (Kam);

☆ Kelechi/Kenechi/Kenechukwu/Keneolisa (Kelly, Kay Kay, Kene, Kenny, Olisa);

☆ Kobichimdi (Chimidi, Kobi);

☆ Kobichukwume (Kobi);

☆ Kobimtochi (Tochi, Kobi).

Other names: Kamgolibe (Let me rejoice), Kantigi Kenechukwu Kenenna/Kelenna Kodilinye Kwemto, Kalu.

Other (unisex) Igbo names


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There are also names that would fit the child regardless of their gender. These names are:

✦ Kosisochukwu (As it pleases God);

✦ Kodilichukwu (Leave the matter to God);

✦ Kambili (Let me live);

✦ Kanye (Let’s give);

✦ Kasiemobi (Comfort me);

✦ Kemakolam (Let me have enough of what is rightfully mine);

as well as Kambina, Kambinachi, Kamdibe, Kezie, and Kodichima.

Famous Igbo people whose names start with K

Igbo people

As we said before, Igbo names that start with K are not very popular. However, there are still a few famous people of Igbo origin that have made their names known to the world.

Kelechi Okoye-Ananeku is a football player. He was born on May 28, 1984 in Jos. His career started in 2000, when he played for Gombe United. Since 2013, he has been playing for Rangdajied United in the position of midfielder.

Kelechi Osunwa is also a football player. He was born on October 15, 1984 in River State. His career began in 2001, and he has recently transferred to Al-Merreikh. He also played for Nigerian National team from 2004 to 2007. His playing position is a striker.

Kelenna David Azubuike is a former basketball player from the United States. He was born on December 16, 1983 in London, but soon after moved to America. He is of Igbo origin. His basketball career lasted from 2005 to 2012. He currently works as a sports broadcaster.


Kenechi Nduka Udeze is an American football player and coach. He was born on March 5, 1983 in Los Angeles. During his career he was a player on the defensive position. Currently, he is working as a coach for strength and conditioning at the university he used to study at, University of Southern California.

And finally yet importantly, Kemafo Nonyerem Chikwe is a National Women Leader at the Peoples Democratic Party. Her date of birth is unknown, but in January 2017, she celebrated her 70th birthday, so she was probably born in 1947. She also used to be the Minister of Aviation in Nigeria.

As you can see, people of Igbo origin and ones with traditional Igbo names have achieved greatness in one way or another. Therefore, if you wish for your child to have a bright future, definitely consider one of the names on our list. God bless you and your child.

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