How to cut and sew padded blouse?

How to cut and sew padded blouse?

Are you interested in learning a new skill? One that can eventually lead to a thriving business? Consider a skill like sewing. It can either be hobby or paying business if you'd like. Today I am here to share with you a technique on how to sew a padded blouse. After reading this article and with continuous practice I guarantee that you will get the hang of it. To learn more about this easy guide to the perfect padded blouse, continue to read this article.

Women sewing Padded Blouses

How to Make a Blouse?

Before you begin you will need to gather the following items;

  • Pencil;
  • Paper;
  • Ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • Measuring tape or ruler;
  • Tracing Wheel or chalk;
  • Fabric;
  • Sewing Machine.

First things first, you will need to take the following measurements:

Shoulder to Bust =  *insert your dimensions*

Bust to Body = *insert your dimensions*

Body to Waist = *insert your dimensions*

Waist to Hip = *insert your dimensions*

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Measurment Guideline

According to your measurements, you will then construct your design on a draft paper. Sketching the design on a draft paper allows you to gather your thoughts and finalize them before cutting and possibly wasting fabric due to mistakes. You should sketch two separate designs for the front and the back.

How to Cut a Blouse?

As a beginner, it is important for you to know that there are many different blouse cutting patterns. Our focus here is on the princess cut blouse. There are various  types of princess cut blouses that depends upon the beginning of the dart line, these can be from;

✂ The neckline;

✂ The shoulder;

✂ The arm hole;

✂ The waistline.

Procedure for the Front of the Blouse

After sketching on your draft path, the next step is to trace it on your fabric. The following steps are guides for padded blouse cutting methods:

1. Fold the Fabric in half.

2. Place the draft paper on top of your fabric then use the chalk to make an outline 1.5 inches away from the design. This distance allows you have the right amount of space for seam and stitches.

3. Cut out this fabric and put it to the side.

Cutting of the Front of a Blouse

Procedure for the Back of the Blouse

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Cut of the back of a blouse

After you have finished with the front of the blouse, it's time to cut out its back.

1. Fold the second draft paper into a half.

2. Place the front piece of scrap paper 1.5 inches away from the folded area, in order to allow a zip.

3. Then cut the folded part in order to get two pieces of fabric.

When making a padded blouse, the princess seam is advised. It uses long rounded, manipulated seams. Its purpose is to add shape and make a tightly fitted garment for women's blouses or shirts. It can be sewn in the front or back of the blouse or shirt and extends from the waist to the arms.

Procedure for the Princess Seam or Dart

1. Measure 4.25 inches from the folded area and mark, using a measuring tape or ruler.

2. Draw a line to connect the marks at the arm hole and bust.

3. Continue to draw a line downwards from the bust, curving the intersection at the bust's mark.

4. Turn the fabric onto the other half and repeat this procedure. If you are using a tracing wheel then the line should reflect on the other half.

5. Use your scissors to cut through the connecting lines. This will give rise to three separate pieces of fabrics.

If you desire, the procedure can be repeated for the back of the blouse. If you chose not to, then you can make a regular seam. A regular seam is made in the following way.

1. Fold the back piece of fabric into a half.

2. Measure and mark 4.25 from the zip allowance. (Old dart)

3. From the 4.25 mark, measure and mark two inches upwards (New Dart). The reason for this is that the seam at the back of a female blouse is higher than the one in front.

4. Draw a straight line beginning at the new dart downwards.

How to Sew a Blouse?

The following procedures demonstrates how to sew a blouse for beginners;

1. Sew all seams with a 1/2 an inch seam allowance.

2. Attach the front and back pieces of fabric together, right sides facing each other.

3. Sew from the middle, near the neck out to the top of the shoulder, zig-zagging the edges afterwards.

4. Repeat step number 3 for the joining of the sides of the blouse.

After you have completed the sewing of the blouse, you can go a bit further and transform it into a "Padded Blouse". A padded blouse contains a padding that provides support and comfort. The padding is sewed on to the point of intersection.

This article is a breakdown of complex steps for the making of a blouse with princess seams. If you read these guidelines carefully and practice then you will be able to make blouses for yourself and others.

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