6 things you should know about the 'Badoo' cult in Lagos

6 things you should know about the 'Badoo' cult in Lagos

People living in Ikorodu, Lagos state have been under a cloud of fear, since the dreaded “badoo” cult members started killings in their environs.

Who are these killers, what do they want, how do they operate? These are questions that have continued to bother most Nigerians:

According to International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICR) below are 6 things you need to know:

1. Badoo

A criminal, described by residents as a “serial ritual killer”, was apprehended at Ibeshe in Ikorodu on June 12, 2016. His name was given simply as “Badoo”.

According to Ikorodu residents, after every attack, he would write “I am Badoo” and paste on the door of his victims.

He continued in a seemingly invincible manner until he was caught after he molested and killed a 27-year-old woman and her nine-month-old child.

2. It is a group

Following the apprehension, a group of other people rose up in his stead and continued the killings and they came to be known as Badoo.

3. Weapon of choice

The cult group carries no guns or machetes. Their weapon is primarily a stone. In addition, they use clubs, preferably household grinding stones and mortar and pestle.

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4. Ritual killings

Israel Ajao, a retired Deputy Inspector-General of Police and chairman of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Corp, said: “After they are done, they clean the blood with white clothes and they escape. This is bizarre and it is fetish and a ritual.”

5. Be security conscious

Most of Badoo’s attacks have taken place in houses where the windows were open or ajar, or where doors could be opened with one kick.

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6. Churches are easy targets

Badoo is on the prowl for churches where vigils have held and some members of the congregation are waiting back for the break of dawn.

For example, when it attacked the Cherubim and Seraphim Ccurch on Anibaba Street, Weigh Bridge, Owode Onirin, where it killed three people, including a woman and her nine-month-old baby, the raid happened around 2am, not long after the church rounded off a vigil.

Earlier, NAIJ.com reported that Akinrinlade Ayodeji, a resident of Ikorodu area of Lagos state narrated his near-death experience after being mistaken as a member of the dreaded Badoo cult group.

Ayodeji said he narrow escaped being lynched by a mob that mistook him a member of the Badoo cult which is said to have killed many people in the area.

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The young man in a Facebook post titled: 'Ikorodu's Badoo Brouhaha: My story' said it was clear that many residents are being wrongly accused and molested due to mistaken identities.

Watch this NAIJ.com video on the arrest of Evans the kidnapper:

Source: Naija.ng

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