Maje Ayida - Toke Makinwa's ex-hubby and his life story

Maje Ayida - Toke Makinwa's ex-hubby and his life story

Being married to a celebrity is not as easy as you might think. Once you have made the decision to become the spouse of a beloved celebrity, people will begin to watch your every move, constantly casting judgment and criticizing your decisions, without spending a day in your shoe. This kind of pressure and attention can become overbearing. The most recent victim to social media criticisms in Nigeria is Maje Ayida, the former husband of Toke Makinwa. Besides being the talk of the town, he has accomplished a lot. To learn more about Maje Ayida Toke Makinwa's ex-hubby and his achievements, continue reading this article.

Maje Ayida

A bit of history!

Born on the 16th of August in Lagos, Maje Ayida made his way into the spotlight mostly because he was married to one of Nigeria's well known television host and radio personalities. He is popularly referred to as, Toke Makinwa's husband. Maje is a part of the Itsekiri tribe, though he hails from Delta State he was brought up in the United Kingdom and received all his education there.

Being the youngest of five children his transition into adulthood was a bit easier. Maje and his siblings were raised by both parents. Of his siblings, there are two males and two females. His father, Allison Ayida served as the secretary to the Government of the Federation during the Military reign of Obasanjo.

Mr. Allison Ayida also served as one of the major shareholders, alongside Chief Molade Okoya, in the former Commercial Bank Credit Lyonnais Nigeria Ltd (CBCLN). CBCLN later became The Capital Bank International when it became affiliated with Access Bank during the Consolidation era. The Ayida family has shares in Access Bank and interest in the Agriculture and Insurance Industry. Maje's older brother, Omatseyin Ayida served as the last managing director of Capital Bank International before the unification with Access Bank.

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Maje Ayida and family

Maje Ayida celebrates his birthday with family and close friends.

Career and involvements

After University Maje pursued a career in banking for ten years. He began his career in London and continued in Abuja after moving back to Nigeria. During that course of time, he began losing interest and wanted to start his own business.

Fitness Coach, Maje Ayida biography

Maje Ayida, Fitness Entrepreneur

In 2008, he came up with the idea of starting his own fitness facility, Eden Lifestyle. A couple years later, in 2012, he left the banking sector and started working along side his brother in the manufacturing industry. In January of 2013, without money and only concepts, Maje began working on his dream. Today he is a successful fitness entrepreneur. Under his belt he has secured several titles and accomplishments, he is:

● a fitness and wellness coach

● an inspirational and motivational speaker

● a writer

● a CEO of his own fitness facility, Eden Lifestyle Nigeria

● a TV Host

● and on the panel of the Spa & Wellness Association of Africa

Family and relationships

When you are as blessed and as successful as Maje Ayida, there is no doubt that you will be off the market soon enough. For many ladies in and out of Nigeria, such an ambitious and handsome man is the ideal husband. To their dismay and unfortunately for some this handsome beau was taken off the market when he and Toke tied the knot back on the fifteenth of January, 2014.

Newly weds Toke and Maje

Maje embraces Toke with a romantic kiss in happier times as newly weds

Maje, the father of two met Toke at the Lagos Motor Boat Club's Annual New Year's Eve Party. The two got to know each other for over eleven years and dated for eight years, on and off. After becoming engaged, the two married quickly at a court registry in Lagos, Nigeria. This news came as a shock to many, even a few disgruntled family members and friends complained about not being able to witness their great union. In attendance to the couple's surprise wedding were Toke's sister and a few close friends like Arese Ogiemwonyi and Louise Priddy.

Maje Ayida and Anita Solomon

After so much excitement, we all wished to see them live together, happily ever after. Unfortunately, the tables turned and eighteen months later Toke and Maje's marriage turned into shambles. Another blow for fans and well wishers all over. News later surfaced that Maje had become disloyal and had a child outside his marriage.

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Anita Solomon and Maje Ayida

In the collage above, the photo on the left is that of Anita Solomon. Anita is the mother of Maje Ayida's second child, out of wedlock.

As word spread about Maje's unfaithfulness, it was just a matter of time before we learned who came in between the couple. The name Anita Solomon was released and her name made headlines after headlines. Before the wedding had taken place, Anita was Maje's ex-girlfriend, some may think of her being Toke's competitor or rival. Despite getting married, the relationship between Anita and Maje continued. As a result of this affair, Anita became pregnant with his second child. As expected, the news of a pregnancy out of wedlock became overwhelming and due to other marital disagreements, the couple later divorced in 2015.

As time went on we learned more about Anita. The woman Maje was seemingly more in love with and attracted to was educated and easy going. Anita is more than the media paints her to be, she is more than a "side chick, a mistress, and a home wrecker". Anita also has her fair share of accomplishments, she is a lawyer, a mediator and an Internet marketing coach. She is also half Lebanese and Ibibio. From her social media pages and what we've heard, she is hard working, fun loving and lives a life that is revolved around her son, Micah. And in case you did not know, Anita knew Maje before he began courting Toke.

Maje's oldest son was also born out of love with another woman, Crystal Cunningham. The seemingly quiet ex-girlfriend stays away from the drama of her child's father. Crystal is a beautiful model who hails from the Caribbean, more specifically, Trinidad and Tobago. She is also a television host and a graduate who attained her bachelors from the University of the West Indies.

Maje Ayida first child and baby's mother

The photo above shows the beautiful, Crystal Cunningham with the son she shares with Maje Ayida

A new beginning?

After all that unfolded over the past few months concerning his separation and the reason behind it, Maje and his brand have been severely affected. He, along with his ex-wife and mother of his child faced the wrath of his decisions. Much can be said about Maje, and now much can be read because of the recently published book "On Becoming by Toke Makinwa". Currently residing in Banana Island of Lagos, Nigeria, Maje's is focusing on his career and children. He is also in court battling with his ex-wife over the publication of her book, which he calls an "exaggerated fabrication".

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