Aso Ebi styles for men 2017

Aso Ebi styles for men 2017

Aso Ebi is a popular fabric that is mostly worn to festivities, funerals, and ceremonies like weddings. It is worn by both male and female as a sign of union and solidarity. Today we will be looking at Aso Ebi Styles for Men 2017. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this kind of style or just looking for some inspiration, then continue reading this article.

Aso Ebi styles for men 2017

In the photo above, the groom is surrounded by his groomsmen. They are wearing Aso Ebi as a symbol for support and unification on such a special day.

Aso Ebi styles for men

Unfortunately, sometimes in the world of fashion men are often forgotten. By that, I mean that a lot of attention and priority seems to be given mostly to females than males. In conducting research for my article I noticed that not a lot of information was provided for the latest Aso Ebi styles for men if you compared it for that for women. Well, I am here to change that. This article is specially dedicated to all the fashion loving males out there and those who are just looking for inspiration.

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Aso ebi styles for men 2017

This bride took a break from her celebration to snap a photo with her groomsmen, who were dressed in gray and orange Aso Ebi.

Aso Ebi is a popular uniformed style that is worn by family members and close friends at the ceremony so that they can be easily identifiable. As with any other garment, we begin with the selection of fabric. The selection of fabric depends upon preference, affordability, comfort, theme, and uniqueness.

In the case of a wedding, the bride usually decides the kind of Aso Ebi that is to be worn. This is then announced in at least a month prior the wedding for the family members and close friends to purchase or presented to them as gifts. Popular materials used for designing the garment include but are not limited to Polished Lace, Atiku, Brocade, Damask, Ankara, Adire and recently Velvet.

Aso ebi styles for men 2017

Below is a list of Aso Ebi colours trending this season and their meanings:

● Beige - is a neutral colour that illustrates tranquility.

● Blue - this displays confidence, faith, trust, wisdom, and sincerity.

● Brown - this earthly colour represents nature, stability, security, and warmth.

● Cream - this is a neutral form of the colour white, it is closely associated with calmness, sophistication, and tranquility.

● White - this colour signifies cleanliness, purity, and innocence. I have seen full white being worn by men a lot, especially around this time of year.

● Gold - such a wealthy colour shows an abundance of love, passion, courage, and wisdom.

● Green - often associated with nature, this colour is for the ambitious and denotes financial prosperity, and fertility.

● Gray - this formal colour is conservative and it illustrates sophistication.

● Orange - is associated with happiness, determination, and change.

● Pink - represents charm, romance, and tenderness.

● Purple - this is a luxurious colour that represents wealth, extravagance, wisdom, and dignity.

● Red - often associated with romance, this colour is also a representation of love and passion.

After the material is selected, a design is made, in this case, for the groomsmen and male members of the family. Masculine designs tend to be more of native styles. Nigerian native styles like the Agbada and Kaftan are most often worn as Aso Ebi for men to ceremonies.

The Agbada

Aso Ebi styles 2017

Parts of the male and female Aso Ebi

This respectable attire comprises of different parts. The Agbada is made up of an outer robe, an undervest, a pair of long trousers and a cap. Each part has its own traditional names which are Awosoke, Awotele, Sokoto, and Fila respectively.

Here are some important facts about the parts of the Nigerian Agbada:

1. Awosoke

Black Aso Ebi styles for men 2017

This black Awosoke matches the entire Agbada attire

● The word Agbada which means “Voluminous attire”, earned its name from the appearance of the outer robe or Awosoke. This robe is big, comfortable, and is at ankle length.

● Detail is very important as it transforms a plain outfit into an elaborate and fashionable one. Here embroidery is commonly designed onto the front and back of the center piece of the garment. The embroidery must be neatly done but does not necessarily have to be identical to the color of the material, it should be complementary.

● The neck of the centerpiece of the awosoke is called the Orun and the pocket which is placed on the left side is called the Apo.

2. Awotele

The under-vest is commonly referred to by its traditional name, Awotele. Due to the fact that the Agbada comprises of so many layers of clothing, it is ideal for the under-vest to be light and as comfortable as possible. Men tend to wear a dashiki or a buba.

3. Sokoto

Stylish Aso Ebi styles for men 2017

The photo on the left demonstrates that of a model showcasing his Sokoto or trousers with his Agbada and sandals

Sokoto is the traditional Yoruba name for trousers. The Sooro and Kembe are the most favoured trousers that men wear with the Agbada. These trousers are drawstring and secure very well around the waist. The Sooro is longer than the kembe, it is similar to skinny jeans where in it is close fitting, goes all the way to the ankles and is narrow at the bottom. The kembe on the hand is looser, knee-length, and wider at the bottom.

4. Fila

The Gobi, Abetiaja, and Labankada are popular hats or Filas that are worn to complement the Agbada.

The Gobi

Aso Ebi styles 2017

Here a red Gobi, Fila is being worn

The kind of Fila is easily identifiable because of its cylindrical appearance. When you wear it, remember that it should be worn compressed and tilted forward, backwards, or to any side.

Abeti Aja

Latest Aso Ebi styles for men 2017

Here the groom is seen wearing a striped Abeti Aja

This Fila is dog eared in appearance. The purpose of this dog eared looking flaps is to cover the ear in the event that there is a change in temperature and the weather becomes cold. Besides the flaps, for which it is best known and earned its name, it has an appearance that is similar to an upside down cone or triangle on top. If the flaps are not being used then it is turned in an upwards manner for a normal look.


The last of the different kind of Filas worn by Nigerian men at ceremonies is the Labankada. The Labankada is quite similar to the Abeti Aja. The only difference is the size, if you should take a look at the two, then you would see that this hat is obviously the bigger version. Under its flaps, the colour of the cloth is different and is worn in a way to reveal its contrasting colour.

If you are looking to add a bit more flavour to your outfit, feel free to accessorize with a nice watch, chain or anything to your liking. But remember the goal is to be comfortable while looking modest and not outrageous. The celebration you are attending will more than likely require a lot of walking and greeting, so when choosing a shoe, select one that completes the outfit and is comfortable for the sole of your feet. It can be an opened toe sandal or a closed toe shoe, the choice is yours.

The Kaftan

This is a kind of shirt that is popularly worn by Nigerian men, casually and celebratory. It varies in colours and designs but when it comes to native designs for guys, it is given an embroidered accent. See the photo below for visual representation.

Aso Ebi

Yellow accented embroidered Kaftan

From the photos above you should now have a clearer understanding of all you need to know about Aso Ebi styles 2017. Your selection should be much easier and I am sure you will feel more inspired and certain as to how you would like to rock your Aso Ebi this season!

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