'How Kaduna police killed my cousin' - Man tells heartbreaking story (photo)

'How Kaduna police killed my cousin' - Man tells heartbreaking story (photo)

- The Kaduna state police has been accused by a man of killing his cousin who was in their detention

- Ibrahim, a professional motor mechanic in Malali area of Kaduna state, was allegedly killed by the police

- His cousin is now calling for justice after telling the heartbreaking story

Speaking with NAIJ.com, a man, Murtala Zakari, has a heart-rending story to tell about how his cousin, Ibrahim Abdulkareem, who was a motor mechanic died in police custody.

The story began quite ordinarily, but quickly deteriorated into a tragedy. The comment from the police in Malali is that he died of stomach troubles.

However, the deceased's cousin says there were injuries on Ibrahim's body that say otherwise, and might even point to police brutality and torture.

Late Ibrahim Abdulkareem Source: NAIJ.com

Late Ibrahim Abdulkareem Source: NAIJ.com

Below is the full story as narrated by Murtala Zakari:

"There is a saying 'policemen are your friends; you should take them as friends of which people resort to for any wrong doing or being oppressed.

"But the reverse was the case of my cousin brother in Kaduna, Malali. Ibrahim is a professional motor mechanic in Malali area of Kaduna state.

"A lady brought her car for repairing in his workshop. He charged her two thousand and five hundred naira only. The woman paid him after the service.

"Late long, the woman came back accusing him of stolen her spare part. The case was intercepted by their mechanic union where the issue was sorted.

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"The union of the mechanic later suspended him from his workshop for two weeks. After 2 days he returned to the station, the said union now invited policemen and arrested him for flouting their order on Thursday 3rd August, 2017.

"He was detained under the police custody. His mother brought food for him but she was prevented from seeing him.

"On Friday morning of 4th August 2017 she also brought food for him, the policewoman on duty refused her still.

"She said until after Juma’at prayer of Friday before she could be allowed to see him, not knowing the policemen on order of the DPO have killed him mercilessly and took his corpse to the mortuary. The union claims that, they didn't arrest him for murder.

"The DPO claimed “that when Ibrahim was brought to them he complained of stomach and head ache that night and they rushed him to the hospital and suddenly he died."

"However, when the corpse was recovered from mortuary we discovered brutal killing contrary to the police claim. The police hit his manhood and injured it, even after dead, the manhood was still bleeding, Ibrahim Abdulkareem had a deep cut on his thigh which the police took him to hospital to stitch, there were several surface injuries in his body and he also has fracture and internal injuries as blood was seen conspicuously on his veins.

"The DPO of Malali Kaduna must be brought to book, police must stop their impunity, police must lesson this time around. We won’t leave this brutal killing to be swept under the carpet."

Meanwhile, one person has been confirmed injured as officers of the Nigeria Police Force clashed with a group protesting against the continued stay of President Muhammadu Buhari in London.

NAIJ.com reported that the incident happened in Abuja on Tuesday, August 8, the second day of the protest.

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The report said the police fired tear gas canisters at the protesters wounding a citizen who was rushed to a clinic at the Federal Secretariat complex, a few kilometres from the scene of the incident.

Watch this NAIJ.com video to hear how Nigerians feel about the police:

Source: Naija.ng

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