Patch Your Leaking Houses, Mimiko Counsels ACN

Patch Your Leaking Houses, Mimiko Counsels ACN

The Mimiko Campaign Organisation (MCO) has challenged the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN to pay more than cursory attention to its leaky houses in the South West States where it is holding sway as governance in those States has been at its lowest ebb.

Speaking against the backdrop of the series of crises rocking  ACN controlled states while the leadership of  the party was  concentrating its attention on capturing Ondo State,  the MCO  noted that such a development reeked of double standards.

MCO, in a release signed by its Director of Publicity and Media Relations, Mr Kolawole Olabisi in Akure, regretted that ACN had embarked on a wasteful venture and a sure journey to perdition in Ondo State.

“In Ondo State today, we are not owing staff salaries, Ondo State pays the highest minimum wages of N22, 000 in Nigeria, we have paid all the entitlements of our pensioners who we referred for being worth senior citizens up to date; our students pays the cheapest tuition fee in Nigeria, our educational sector is a benchmark for Nigeria while our health Sector is not only the best in Nigeria but has been adjudged a template for Africa. We can go on and on because Ondo state is better managed than any State controlled by the ACN.

“A look at the South Western States as of today however shows a sorry state of thing owing to the desperation of an emperor and his minions who in running amok want to conquer all have left government ships to go aground.

“Governance in Osun State is grounded, students yesterday protested the non-payment of their bursaries and scholarship and paralysed Osogbo, the State capital; workers, especially teachers are up in arms with the State Government over non payment of N18,000 minimum wages, and 27.5 % Teachers Salary Scale (TSS). Yet, the State Government has spent over N5billion in the operation capture Ondo State.

“The situation in Ekiti State is even worse, tertiary institution are on strike and shut down, student have been killed during protests against government policy, local government workers are protesting massive monthly deduction from their account by the State government.

“Indeed, teachers too are protesting non payment of their salaries and other emoluments by the State government. Yet the State government is turning over its treasuries to their emperor in his impossible ego trip to Ondo State.

“In other ACN states, crises of sack of workers, students’ protests over hike in tuition fees, scrapping and merging of existing tertiary institutions that they inherited from their predecessors abound. These are the precarious situation in ACCN states that they have left unattended to while they strut about boasting that they must add Ondo state to this kind of misery.

“But let the Pharaohs of today be ready to meet their Red Sea in Ondo State. Let it be known that they will like Bonaparte Napoleon meet their Waterloo here on October 20 as the people of Ondo State are discerning and will not be enslaved by a modern day pirates,” the statement read.


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