WWE No Mercy 2017 results

WWE No Mercy 2017 results

The results of WWE No Mercy 2017 will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the events that happen in the saturated world of wrestling. All Roman Reigns fans can be happy, as their favourite defeated the mighty John Cena in an epic fight that happened recently.

WWE No Mercy 2017

Reigns is one of the most famous WWE No Mercy winners. This fighter is able to adjust the circumstances in his favour and get the maximum advantages.

Despite his fairly eccentric behaviour, Reigns managed to triumph without serious threats to own reputation.

Given the current circumstances, a loss in WWE No Mercy 2017 would have only led to additional problems for Reigns. He would have had to respond to critical statements, but fortunately circumstances favored him and the fight ended in a fantastic success.

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WWE No Mercy 2017 results

What does this victory mean for Reigns?

  • WWE No Mercy results means an added victory to Reigns' set. He majestically defeated Cena, as he had done before with many other fighters, such as Triple H and The Undertaker.
  • On the one hand, this is a great success, but on the other, more and more wrestlers unite in the opinion that Reigns is a common threat for them. Now they desire to throw him off the pedestal.
  • Cena and Reigns have no personal enmity. During their fight, there are no emotions or rash impulses. It's more like a chess game in which two strategists carefully think through every move and chance to win. The champion can only be described as a good politician, not a good person in general.
WWE No Mercy

This success of Reigns in the WWE can be considered an extremely important move for his career. We congratulate him on this victory.

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