Origin of Aladorin family in Ibadan

Origin of Aladorin family in Ibadan

Aladorin is one of the pioneer members of Ibadan in the 19th century after the decline of Old Oyo. Osuntoyinbo Aladorin was formerly known as Osuntoyinbo Akenjekun.

During the Fulani invasion of old Oyo in the 19th century, his father was reported to have been killed and this made him consult Ifa Oracle which served as the connection between the gods and the people.

In his attempt to know the next step to take after his father’s death, the Ifa told him to leave old Oyo and go to Ibadan.

He informed his mother about the gods direction and his mother supported him. She told him to go to Oluyole’s compound and tell him he is the son of Oluyole’s younger sister, Jemorooko.

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Akenjekun then started his journey to Ibadan. On his way, he met another relative and her child whom he commanded to follow him and they did.

They got to Oluyole’s compound and explained themselves to him. Akenjekun later became one of Oluyole’s army and rose to become one of his generals. He participated in Ara war, Gbanna war and other wars of Ibadan expansion in the 19th century.

Oluyole later named him as Ajele (governor) of Ekiti. Ajele system is a system of administration the Ibadan put in place in Ekiti and its other conquered areas in the Yoruba land in the 19th century. However, the activities of the Ajeles in Ekiti was inhuman and resulted into rebellion when the wife of Fabunmi of Ido was abused by one unnamed Ajele in Ekiti.

According to Samuel Johnson’s “A History of the Yorubas from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the British Protectorate”, the rebellion against the Ajeles in Ekiti later led to Ijalumi war and Kiriji War (also known as Ekiti parapo war) in the late 19th century. The war involved all Yoruba states and no one was neutral enough to organize cease fire.

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However, Akenjekun retired to Ibadan. According to Alhaji Aladorin Ismail, an elder in Aladorin’s compound who was recently interviewed by NAIJ.com, Akenjekun brought war loots from Otun Ekiti and settled in Isale-Osi where he built Aadorin Kaa (seventy huts).

Thus, people started calling him Osuntoyinbo Alaadorin (Oguntoyinbo, the owner of seventy huts). Ismail told us that Aladorin lived for 187 years.

Today, Aladorin family holds the title of Mogaji Aladin in Ibadan palace and the current holder is Chief Wasiu Aderoju.

The descendants of the family are Adebola Aladorin; Oladele Aladorin, the grandfather of Late Alhaji Alimi Akano (Otun Seriki of Ibadan then); Agboyin Aladorin; Adesokan Aladorin; Olaleye Aladorin. The family compound can be found in SW1/433/Aladorin/Isale-Osi, Ibadan.

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Source: Naija.ng

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