Nigeria vs Zambia: head to head statistics of past results

Nigeria vs Zambia: head to head statistics of past results

As we zone in on the final days before the match between Nigeria and Zambia, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the past results of their fixtures. The football history between the two teams is a long and competitive one. Which team has won more matches? Who scored the most goals? If you want to know the answers, continue reading our Nigeria vs. Zambia head to head statistics to find out!

John Mikel Obi for Nigeria

Nigeria vs Zambia results

The Super Eagles team has a long history of matches against Zambia. Overall, the two national football teams have played eighteen times against each other. Fourteen of those fixtures were official. With such an eventful rivalry, it’s no wonder that we’ve had some interesting results in the past. Let’s take a look at how Nigeria fared in the matches against Zambia:

  • Victories: 6
  • Draws: 7
  • Defeats: 5

As you can see, the Super Eagles have a slight edge over their opponents. However, they have an excellent opportunity to improve this statistic in their upcoming match on Saturday. Even more so, if we were to look only at the official fixtures, we would see that the scales are tipped even more in favour of the Nigerian team, with five victories, six draws, and only three losses.

Below you’ll find a table with all the past results of Nigeria vs. Zambia matches.

Nigeria vs Zambia past results
  • International Friendly Matches: 5;
  • AFCON Matches: 11;
  • African Games Matches: 1;
  • FIFA World Cup Matches: 1.

If you examine this spreadsheet carefully, you’ll notice another interesting trend. The visible parity between the two countries is a result of the earlier victories of the Zambian team. In fact, after a friendly match in 1997, Zambia hasn’t won a single one of the next eight matches. The difference in class between the two nations is also visible in the FIFA ranking. Nigeria currently occupies the 44th spot, while Zambia stands at the 78th position.

Zambia national football team

It’s also remarkable that despite the long rivalry history, last year was the first time Nigeria faced Zambia in a World Cup qualifying match.

Without a doubt, the most important game between the two teams was the legendary AFCON final in 1994. Emmanuel Amuneke scored two goals in Tunis, allowing Nigeria to walk away with a 2-1 victory. Thus, the Super Eagles secured their second title as the strongest team on the continent. This was the year when our national football team was at its highest level ever, perhaps even to this day.

Nigeria vs Zambia Head to Head

Nigeria football team celebrating goal

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Now let's take a closer look at the match statistics between the Super Eagles and Zambia.

  • Greatest winning streak – Nigeria - 2; Zambia -2;
  • Longest defeat streak – Nigeria - 2; Zambia - 2;
  • Greatest undefeated streak – Nigeria - 7; Zambia - 5;

Interesting fact: If the Super Eagles can come away with a victory or a draw at their home stadium, they’ll prolong their undefeated run to ten years!

  • Clean sheets: Nigeria - 7; Zambia - 7;
  • Longest clean sheet run: Nigeria - 2; Zambia - 5;
  • Fixtures with 2 or more goals scored: Nigeria - 5; Zambia - 4;
  • Overall number of goals scored: Nigeria – 15; Zambia -20;
  • Overall number of goals conceived: Nigeria – 20; Zambia – 15;
  • Goal difference: Nigeria - -5; Zambia - +5;
  • Average amount of goals scored: Nigeria – 0.8; Zambia – 1.1;
  • Biggest victory: Nigeria – 2:0; Zambia – 5:1;
  • Biggest loss: Nigeria – 1:5; Zambia – 0:2;
  • Match with biggest amount of goals scored: Zambia – Nigeria 5:1 (1973)
Zambia team celebrate victory

As you can clearly see from the numbers presented above, Zambia is winning in quite a large number of areas. This is especially peculiar because the overall win-loss record isn’t in their favor. The reason behind such puzzling statistics lies in the fact that between the period of 1979 to 1985, Zambia was incredibly strong. Nigeria, on the other hand, still hasn’t developed into the team they were in the nineties.

It’s also worth noting that while Zambia was on the rise, they won their matches with significant goal differences. Meanwhile, even though the Super Eagles undefeated streak is longer, the Nigerian team is more used to winning by only one goal, due to its style of play.

Nigeria vs Zambia match

Nigeria football federation

The Nigeria vs. Zambia World Cup qualifier fixture will take place on the Godswill Stadium in Akwa Ibom on Saturday, 7.10.17, 17:00 local time. The Super Eagles team has already secured their place in Russia for the 2018 World Cup and can approach their opponents in a relaxed manner.

Below you’ll find the statistics of the last six matches of the two teams.

Nigeria vs Zambia last 6 matches

As you can see, both teams are in good shape. Zambia has really ridden into form during this year. They haven’t lost a single match in the last six fixtures. Another factor that speaks in their favor is Zambia’s motivation to ensure their participation at the World Cup. On the other hand, Nigeria has the advantage of playing at home. Plus, they won their latest match in 2016. With so many variables, it’s nearly impossible to pick a clear favorite for this game.

Now that you know all the statistics for past results between the Nigerian and Zambian teams, you are fully prepared for Saturday’s match. Be sure to share the most interesting facts with your fellow football fans. Go Super Eagles!

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