Is Sade Adu daughter transgender?

Is Sade Adu daughter transgender?

The 21st century is an age when everyone is reinventing themselves. People try new things, seek new experiences, and always strive to add a spark to their lives. Some even go as far as changing their gender. A prime example of those people is Sade Adu’s daughter. If you would like to learn more about Mickailia’s transformation into a man, continue reading below!

Sade Adu and daughter daughter

Sade Adu’s Daughter

Sade Adu is the most popular Nigeria-born female singer in the world and one of the biggest names on the British music scene. Native to Ibadan Oyo State, Helen Adu has sold over fifty million copies of her records globally. About half of those sales happened in the United States. The Nigerian-British star was placed on the 50th position in VH1’s rating of “100 greatest artists of all time”. With such a list of accolades, it’s no wonder that her kid is receiving a lot of attention as well.

Sade Adu’s daughter, Mickailia Ila Adu, is her first child. Sade got pregnant with her girl in 1996 while in a relationship with Bob Morgan. The latter is a successful Jamaican-American producer. Shortly after, they broke up and don’t contact each other to this day. Mickailia has admitted that she doesn’t count him as her father.

Sade Adu

Throughout the years, Sade has maintained a fantastic relationship with her daughter. Even last year, when congratulating her mother on her birthday, Mickailia stated that she was the most important person in her life, and expressed her gratitude towards the time they spent together.

Up until the Coming Out Day of 2016, Sade Adu’s daughter didn’t gather much attention from the media. The only following she was gaining was mainly on Instagram. However, after her transgender transition, everything changed. Below you’ll find the top 6 facts about Mickailia:

  1. The full name of Sade’s daughter is Mickailia Ila Adu.
  2. She is currently twenty-one years old.
  3. Mickailia possesses a unique mix of Nigerian, English, and Jamaican genes.
  4. She is the sole biological kid of Sade Adu.
  5. Before becoming a transgender, Mickailia has declared herself a homosexual.
  6. Her new male name is Izaak.

Sade daughter transformation

Mickailia Adu before transgender

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Mickailia announced the news of her conversion in October 2016 with a picture on her Instagram account. The daughter of the Nigerian-British music star looked delighted when sharing this information. Her three thousand fans, already knowing of this dream, were mostly supportive. Afterward, she began to consume male hormones actively, and got rid of her bust. Take a look at the “before” and “after” images of the once beautiful girl:

Sade Adu daughter before and after

Interesting fact: According to recent sources, Sade Adu’s daughter was suffering from a condition called the “gender dysphoria”. In short, she was feeling frustrated and depressed because her inner gender didn’t match her biological sexual nature.

Mickailia has managed to make a gradual transition into “a man.” Ever since her transgender operation, Sade Adu’s daughter has started referring to herself as a male, and now she has the appearance of a guy to back up her claim. Below you’ll find more pictures of Mickailia after her transformation:

Sade Adu daughter transgender

As you can see, Izaak, previously known as Mickailia, is constantly dressed in stylish male clothing with appropriate accessories. He’s focused on keeping his hair short, to underline his masculinity even further. Not only that, but his voice is also changing, slowly accommodating the new appearance.

Ila is currently in a committed relationship and is generously showering his Instagram account with the pictures of his girlfriend.

Izaak and Sade Adu

Despite maintaining a positive relationship with her daughter, Sade actively avoids touching the subject of Mickailia’s transformation. And who can blame her? She loves her daughter, so naturally, the singer doesn’t want to hurt her in any way.

Now you know the answer to the question: is Sade Adu daughter transgender, as well as all the details of this transition. Be sure to share this information with your fellow music fans, and let us know what you think!

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