KPMG recruitment process in Nigeria

KPMG recruitment process in Nigeria

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about KPMG recruitment. KPMG is an accounting organization that offers lots of opportunities for people with different experiences and goals. You need to decide what exactly you would like to do in this company before you apply.

KPMG Nigeria

What is KPMG?

This organization consists of a wide network of firms engaged in audit, consulting, taxes, interacting with different areas of industry, state, and non-profit enterprises. Specialists of KPMG strive to meet the specific needs of customers. As a rule, these are companies operating in middle-size, family or growing businesses.

They have representative offices in 152 countries and over 189,000 employees located in different parts of the world - a large faamily you can easily become part of by knowing the right way to go about it. Their partner firms are united under a single legal entity, tied to Switzerland.

Wherever KPMG employees work, they behave honestly and exhibit a high level of professionalism. The company practices a dynamic approach in consulting and digital management.

KPMG in Nigeria

Their high experience in tax, consulting services and audit allows the company to solve even the most difficult tasks in the shortest possible time; they also have many big companies in need of professional assistance as their clients. KPMG manages changes, stimulates growth and eliminates factors that slow it down. They pay good attention to cooperation and modern innovations, so their customers always get quality service worth every penny.

KPMG is an organization that strives to make society better while maintaining a positive atmosphere and encouraging respect of cultures; it therefore needs only passionate, not indifferent people, who are able to share these ideals, strive to expand opportunities and rights, trust and inspiration.

Taking into account economic metamorphosis, developing technologies and the elimination of outdated standards, KPMG has accumulated fundamental knowledge of a global scale. The representatives of this organization clearly formulate great goals and successfully achieve them, and work hand in hand with clients to build a better future.

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KPMG recruitment process in Nigeria

To get into the team you have to go through 5 steps, the first of which involves filling an online application form. Let's take a closer look at each stage and find out how you can increase your chances of successfully joining their team.

1. Submission of the application

This is the beginning of your exciting career path. First, you need to use a simple online service to answer several simple questions. The employers would want to know about your experiences and motivation for wanting to join KPMG Nigeria.

Although this is only the first step, we recommend you prepare for it carefully. Compile a resume and carefully read the text to make sure there are no misprints and outdated information.

Please note that you can only apply for one position. Do not worry, because you can specify additional preferences in the application.

After completing the questionnaire, a confirmation letter will be sent to your email address. In case of non-receipt, you can send a mail request for assistance to

KPMG recruitment process in Nigeria - online application

2. Testing of abilities

After submitting an application for KPMG recruitment 2017, you will have to pass two tests. At the first stage, you need to participate in a kind of game. By observing your responses the employer will make a conclusion about your ability to make decisions based on various types of data.

After passing this stage you will move on to the test which will require you to talk about your strengths, weaknesses and what is most important for you in a career. There are no wrong or right answers in this questionnaire because all humans are different and distinct values and priorities. You are expected to spend up to 20 minutes at each stage, and must complete the task within 2 days.

KPMG recruitment process

3. Interview in video format

After successfully passing the online testing, you will receive a link to participate in a video format. This process lasts up to 10 minutes and you will be asked a few simple questions. You would have also been given everything you need to carefully prepare for this stage beforehand, so there is no need to worry. This "meeting" allows the employers evaluate applicants and get a clear idea of your motives for application and work, why you chose a certain business group, whether it really suits you, what your behavioral style is and whether it is comfortable for interaction.

4. The final stage

At this stage, you will be invited to one of the company's offices for a private discussion. You will be expected to share your aims and abilities in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. You will also be given the chance to ask questions about the programs and activities of the organization, including your benefits.

KPMG recruitment

Your behavior will play an important role during the interview, and you will have to meet with a director or partner, manager of your chosen business group or a senior manager. In just 45 minutes into this process, employers will be able to know more about you, details of your life, education, additional courses, and any other useful experience.

5. Job offer

If you successfully reach this point, you will get a letter with a proposal to take the position you applied for. If you have any questions about the proposal, you have the choice to ask your local representative of KPMG Nigeria recruitment.

KPMG company

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated about this process. All that is required of you is to be consistent, methodical and follow every prescribed step. Then you will be able to join their team of professionals and build a successful career in the business group of interest to you.

To learn more about the company, simply visit Good luck!

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