Biggest Shoprite in Nigeria 2017 - Top 3

Biggest Shoprite in Nigeria 2017 - Top 3

Shoprite has been one of the biggest players in the Nigerian supermarket chain industry for about a decade. You can find one of their stores in almost every big mall. For the last couple of years, each new outlet has broken the record of being the largest Shoprite store in the country. Do you want to know what is the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria? You’ll find the answer below!

Shoprite Opening

List of biggest Shoprite in Nigeria

From the day Shoprite opened their first store in Nigeria in 2005, they had a clear vision of how to conduct business in our country. With their high quality-to-price ratio and satisfying customer service, Shoprite has quickly won over the hearts of thousands of Nigerians. They continue to present new locations for the people to do their shopping at. It’s no wonder that by 2017 they’ve become the leading food retailer in Nigeria.

With the positive publicity they’ve been getting, we are not surprised that with each new store Shoprite open, they want to make it bigger and better than the previous one. It makes sense that people want to know where is the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria. After all, a larger space means more product options, and more room to breathe. No one likes to do their shopping in a crowded place, and that’s where Shoprite comes in. Below you’ll find a list of the Top 3 biggest Shoprite in Nigeria:

Disclaimer: Often, you may hear people talk about what is the biggest Shoprite mall, judging by the size of the mall itself, instead of the store inside. Before we start, let’s make one thing clear - there is no such thing as a Shoprite mall. They have individual stores that are almost exclusively located in malls, but that’s not the same thing.

3. Shoprite in Ado Bayero Mall, Kano

Shoprite product shelves

The third place on our list goes to the store located in Kano that was opened in 2014. This outlet marked Shoprite’s debut in northern Nigeria. And Kano was an excellent choice as it is the most significant town in this part of the country.

Knowing how Shoprite likes to do everything with flair, it’s only natural that they opened their newest store in the brand new Abo Bayero Mall. This beast of modern commerce-oriented architecture was in construction for three years and ended up costing a total of 110 Million Dollars

Interesting fact: The total territory of the Mall equals 24,100 square meters with Shoprite taking up the most space out all stores.

The biggest Shoprite store at the time, cost the enterprise $20 Million to open, not counting employee fees. However, considering the number of upper and middle-class citizens that reside in Kano, you can’t argue that it was not a smart business decision. Despite the fact that this part of Nigeria has suffered dramatically in the last ten years, the opening of a Shoprite store can provide a small boost to the city’s economy.

2. Shoprite in Ibadan Mall, Ibadan

Shoprite in Nigeria

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The second biggest Shoprite in Nigeria spot goes to the one located in Ibadan. The leading supermarket retailer opened this store in late 2014, and it became the second outlet in the old city. The local population proved to be excellent customers, so it stands to reason that Shoprite decided to widen their presence in Ibadan.

Interesting fact: The total footage of the Ibadan Mall stands at 19,000 square meters. While this Mall itself is smaller than the one in Kano, the Shoprite inside takes up more space than its “cousin”. The store in Ibadan Mall has a territory of 4,700 square meters, making up one-fourth of the entire building.

The outlet that held the title of the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria for two years provides about four hundred jobs to the local population. Thus, the store outlet is helping resolve unemployment problems, while delivering qualified training to its personnel.

1. Shoprite in Novare Lekki Mall, Lekki

Biggest Shoprite in Novare Lekki

As it stands right now, the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria is the one in Lekki, Lagos. This is the seventh location of the supermarket chain in the State. According to the claims of the Shoprite owners, it’s not only the largest one in the country but in entire West Africa as well.

The biggest Shoprite is located in the largest mall in Lagos. It also comes with almost a thousand parking spots.

Just recently this Shoprite store celebrated its one-year anniversary, having opened in August 2016.

Interesting fact: The Novare Lekki is 22,000 square meters in size. It is larger than the one in Ibadan but still smaller than the Ado Bayero Mall.

Considering the rate at which Shoprite is continuously expanding in Nigeria, we can readily expect that we’ll have a bigger store soon enough. Even more so, the way things look right now, there’s going to be a new largest Shoprite every few years. But as for 2017, you have your answer.

Be sure to share these interesting facts about Shoprite with your friends and happy shopping!

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