Lace crop top and skirt set

Lace crop top and skirt set

Lace garments are beautiful, delicate and flirty. Every Nigerian woman that loves lace should have at least one lace crop top and skirt set in her closet. If you do not own one or are looking for something new, allow us to present you with the top 15 lace crop top and skirt sets. They will definitely be a great investment!

Lace crop top and skirt set

In this article, you will find many different women's two piece outfits that are made out of lace. Whether you like short skirts or long skirts, you will definitely find a set for yourself. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these gorgeous lace sets.

Short lace skirt and top sets

black and white

Our first pick is this stunning crop top and high waisted skirt set. As you can see, it looks amazing in both black and white. The pencil shape of the skirt will accentuate your curves, and the non-transparent lining will keep your dignity safe. The very revealing crop top will draw attention to the upper half of your body, so it is a great reason to dish out your prettiest bra.

light pink

The next option is slightly less revealing, so if you are not yet ready to put everything on display, this crop top and skirt set will be a great choice. Despite being almost fully transparent, it is still very classy and modest. The pastel pink colour makes it even cuter than it could ever be.


If our first option was not revealing enough for you, then take a look at this set. It has very little in terms of linings, so this option is for the bravest ladies. Try this style if you are really confident in your body and want to show it off.

lace inserts

This set is great for drawing attention to your curves and shoulders. It looks simple yet special because of the interesting design of the skirt. The back part of the top looks as delicate as the thinnest spider web, which makes it seem very light and flirty.

black and pink

If you are not the biggest fan of floral lace, then consider this option. Like the first set, it looks great in black and in white and it features symmetric shapes instead of flowers. Our favourite part of this outfit is the sleeves. Even though they have no practical function, they look very intricate and fascinating. The lining also deserves a special mention, as it is made from a differently coloured material, which makes the whole outfit even more interesting.


Outfit number six is a perfect choice for people who like impressionism, asymmetry and squiggly shapes :) But in all seriousness, it will work great for people who want to spice up their closet a little. This set looks like it is one of a kind, so you will have no trouble attracting attention while wearing it.


Lace has been around for so long that some people might be bored of it. For those people we have prepared this set. It features a new type of lace that is shiny and covered in glitter. This matching set will definitely stand out from the crowd and earn you more than a couple of interested glances.


The penultimate set from this category is this piece of art. The lace pattern is fairly unusual and the asymmetric hem of the skirt is also extraordinary. If you want to show off your legs, then definitely consider this lace set.

asymmetry in everything

We decided to close this section with another asymmetric hem, but this time the hem is asymmetric everywhere: the edge of the top, the sleeves and the bottom of the skirt (including the lining). This set is somewhat similar to our №5 pick, however, this one features floral lace and similarly coloured lining.

Long lace high waisted skirt and crop top sets

black and red

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Opening our second category is this stunning set. Unlike all the other outfits on this list, it also comes in vibrant red, which, honestly, looks even better than black. The top allows to show off the back and the tummy. The tight long skirt gives your curves a chance to shine. All in all, it is one of the most beautiful sets on this list.


The next set is beautiful enough for a wedding. The classic cut of the top and an elegant shape of the skirt look very tasteful and high-end. And they both are great if you do not want to show too much of your body.

mermaid skirt

At first glance, our next pick looks very similar to the previous one. However, if you look closer, you can notice some differences. First, it has a mermaid skirt. Second, the cut of the top moves the attention from the chest to the shoulders. Third, if the previous set would be great for a bride, this one is more appropriate for a bridesmaid. Although if you show up in this at your friends’ wedding, you risk outshining them!


Now, this set looks like a very glamourous spider has made it (and we mean it in the best way possible). The unusual pattern of the lace resembles dozens of spider webs put together and adorned with sequins (or stones, we are not exactly sure). The top and the skirt look fascinating, and their style leaves something to the imagination.

three choices

As with some of the other sets, here we have not one, but several colour options for the same outfit. Needless to say, it looks great in every iteration. This look is red-carpet-worthy; the long train of lace and elegant fit are just too good for a simple walk around town. It deserves to be worn to the best restaurants and glamourous events.


And to end this compilation on a high note, here is this elegant masterpiece. Unlike many other options we have presented you with throughout this article, this lace combo is completely non-transparent. If you go for this look, you do not have to be afraid of showing too much. Everything would be tastefully covered. Nevertheless, it still looks very light and airy, as if it were made out of feathery clouds.

And there you have it, fifteen gorgeous unique lace looks. Did you like our collection? Do you own any lace two-piece outfits? Do you plan on adding some to your wardrobe? Let us know! We would love to offer you even more inspiration for your next shopping spree.

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