Ibukun Awosika husband, who is he?

Ibukun Awosika husband, who is he?

Ibukun Awosika is a top Nigerian motivational speaker and author. Even though she holds a demanding post as Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, she still manages to be a happy wife and an inspiration to many women. Keep on reading if you want to find out who she is married to and what you need to do to have a happy marriage like hers.

Ibukun Awosika husband

Who is Ibukun Awosika's husband?

Despite her busy agenda and success in the professional field, Ibukun Awosika is happily married and shares her experience with others. Her husband is Abiodun Awosika and they have three children together: Oludola, Olafusika and Olamiposi.

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Ibukun Awosika husband and children

Ibukun Awosika husband and three amazing children

When talking about her marriage and her role as a wife and mother, she says: “Success for me means also winning as a wife and this means to help my husband be the best while he supports my dreams and desires.”

Ibukun Awosika husband is her best friend and lover

Ibukun Awosika believes that husband is long-lasting support and inspiration for every woman.

Ibukun also mentioned in a couple interviews that regardless of how great her career is and how successful she is, her family and husband remain the most important things. She adviSes Nigerian women to stick to the God’s formula:

No matter what you think I am, in my house, my husband, in spite of my achievement, is the head of the home. Whatever I am today, I can kneel down before my husband in front of 10 million people and it would mean nothing to me because he is my husband,” - Ibukun admits.

Ibukun Awosika is happy wife and mother

The secret of Ibukun Abiodun Awosika’s perfect marriage is empowering and inspiring her husband every day. And of course, the mutual support and love must be present for the family to stick together.

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