Full meaning of NIIT Nigeria and facts we should know about it

Full meaning of NIIT Nigeria and facts we should know about it

Have you ever wondered ‘What is the full meaning of NIIT’? If you have, then we have an answer for you! Learn what NIIT stands for, what it does in Nigeria and why you should get involved with it. Check out this article and find out all about it.

Full meaning of NIIT Nigeria and facts we should know about it

Full meaning of NIIT

So what is NIIT? Well, NIIT means ‘National Institute of Information Technology’. It first came into existence in India in 1981. Since then, it has grown into a multinational IT corporation with more than 40 branches in different countries across the world. One of these branches is NIIT Nigeria.

NIIT Nigeria’s story began with one education centre located in Ikeja, Lagos that opened its doors in 1999. Its goal was to prepare Nigerian youths for their future in IT. In 2017, NIIT Nigeria has over 19 centres across the country that train more than 16 thousand students each year. During the time of its existence, NIIT Nigeria has established itself as a leader in IT education and training in Nigeria.

NIIT Nigeria

NIIT Nigeria provides IT training in various branches of Information Technology:

  • Infrastructure Management;
  • Network Administration and Server Fundamentals;
  • Web Development;
  • Linux and Oracle Database Administration;
  • Enterprise Application Development;
  • Web Design;
  • Hardware and Networking;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Network Engineering;
  • Management Information System and so much more.

NIIT students can learn different skills in the field of Information Technology that will allow them to build their future careers.

Why you should choose NIIT

NIIT logo

In case you are still not sure whether you want to start your career in IT with NIIT Nigeria, consider the following facts:

  • NIIT offers globally recognised certification.
  • It is the largest provider of IT training in Africa and one of the biggest in the world.
  • NIIT Ltd. is an award-winning company. Some of the awards include Most Respected Education Company and Best Innovation Brand in 2016.
  • The Institute employs only highly professional instructors with years of experience working in the field.
  • NIIT has a learning methodology that is project-based.
  • It provides the students with excellent learning resources (reference sites, physical courseware, videos, online assessments and so on).

Are you interested now?

Then continue reading for more information.

NIIT Nigeria centres

two students

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If you feel like NIIT Nigeria is the right thing for you, then consider contacting one of the many NIIT centres.

Here is the full list:

  • NIIT in Abuja


Sirakoro Str., 8, Abuja

(+234) 905-509-6016; (+234) 905-509-6019

  • NIIT in Asaba


Direct Labour Agency Rd., 28, Asaba

(+234) 706-797-6791; (+234) 706-797-6795

girl and laptop
  • NIIT in Ajah


11 km of Lekki Expy, Ajah

(+234) 817-113-7822; (+234) 809-945-0097; (+234) 809-334-9988

  • NIIT in Agbara


OPIC Industrial Layout, Plot 11, Agbara

(+234) 809-435-5003; (+234) 809-435-5006; (+234) 809-435-5000

  • NIIT in Benin


Ihama Rd., 62, Enterprise Building, GRA, Benin City

(+234) 807-595-2272; (+234) 903-784-5681

kids on computers
  • NIIT in Ibadan


Oluyole Way, 1, Favos Building, Ibadan

(+234) 708-449-4446; (+234) 708-104-7716; (+234) 708-449-4447

  • NIIT in Festac


22 Rd., Damiola Plaza, Festac Town

+(234) 802-094-4901; +(234) 817-553-7822; +(234) 809-194-5352

  • NIIT in Ikorodu


Ayangbure Rd., 60, Ikorodu

+(234) 809-334-4998; +(234) 809-334-4997; +(234) 809-334-4996

woman on laptop
  • NIIT in Ikeja


Awolowo Rd., 112, Ikeja

+(234) 809-334-0110; +(234) 809-334-0220; +(234) 808-336-7393

  • NIIT in Kano


Murtala Muhammed Way, 16C, Investment House, Kano

(+234) 909-911-1888

  • NIIT in Kaduna

Kanta Rd., 5D, EK House, Kaduna


(+234) 807-509-0382; (+234) 807-509-0381

  • NIIT in Minna


Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Rd., DECS New College, Minna

(+234) 814-298-9309

  • NIIT in Mararaba

A234, Abuja-Keffi Rd., Kwad Mall, Mararaba

(+234) 816-223-4931

  • NIIT in Ontisha


Awka Rd., 9, Pacific Complex, Onitsha

(+234) 706-797-6798; (+234) 816-048-1150

  • NIIT in Ota

22 km of Lagos-Abeokuta Expy, Sango Ota

(+234) 903-635-1708; (+234) 903-630-6781; (+234) 808-583-5149

two people
  • NIIT in Owerri


Kunoch Ln., 1, Owerri

+234 803 6666 618

  • NIIT in Port Harcourt


Kaduna St., 1, Port Harcourt

(+234) 708-530-0299; (+234) 817-389-0176

man on laptop
  • NIIT in Surulere


Funsho Williams Ave., 114, Surulere

(+234) 809-904-5352, (+234) 809-334-9955; (+234) 809-324-0200

  • NIIT in Warri


Effurun Sapele Rd., 60, Warri

(+234) 805-044-8991; (+234) 806-660-4421; (+234) 816-897-5565

Now you know all there is to know about NIIT Nigeria. Are you satisfied with what you have learned? Do you want to build your future with NIIT? Let us know! And do not forget to share this information with your friends if they also want to learn more about NIIT.

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