Top HR consulting firms in Nigeria

Top HR consulting firms in Nigeria

The role of a Human Resource representative in a company cannot be underestimated. He is the one who glues all of the other employees together. He has the responsibility to find and persuade the right people to join the company. Thus, the role of HR consulting firms is even more important. Below you’ll see the list of the Top HR consulting firms in Nigeria!

HR consulting firms in Nigeria

List of the best HR consulting firms in Nigeria

A Human Resource consulting firm consists of experts that specialize in offering high-quality information to individual clients or an entire company. The bread and butter of a consulting business are organizations from the IT, PR, Real Estate, and Banking industries. The primary function of an HR firm is to link you to a specific consultant that will help you find the professionals needed to expand or maintain your business.

Luckily for you, our country has an ever-increasing market of some of the best consulting organizations. Listed below you’ll find the Top 10 HR consulting firms in Nigeria:

WorkForce Group

HR consultant in Nigeria

One of the top players in the game, WFG provides human resource management and company consulting. They also help with recruitment and outsourcing of various tasks. This firm is known for being up-to-date on all of the industry’s changes, continually adapting to the new rules.

Kimberley Ryan

With branches located all around the world, KR has a global reputation. The firm offers Human Resources solutions, while trying to create a collaborative partnership with their clients.

Ashford & McGuire Consulting

One of the leaders in the HR consulting industry, A&McG is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos State. The company is determined to constantly reconfigure their business approach according to the market’s demands. With dozens of professional Human Resources consultants, they have the capability to serve hundreds of clients.

Interesting fact: Ashford & McGuire can also help you with financial management and the implementation of your corporate strategy.

Gigastreams Consulting

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Despite being on the market for only a couple of years, Gigastreams Consulting has already created a loyal client base. Dozens of IT companies have prospered from doing business with this firm, as their advice has improved their performance. Gigastreams Consulting offers individual corporate training & career counseling.

Accenture Nigeria

As AN is a regional branch of the leading American firm, you can be sure that they will provide top quality consulting services for your business. They are known for offering cutting-edge technologies to streamline your personnel management.


If your priority task is to hire highly-competent employees for your company, then Adexen is probably the go-to choice. They are a globally-acclaimed firm with expertise in recruitment of top-notch professionals. With experience in collaborating with businesses all around the continent, Adexen have the ability to analyze potential employees before offering them to their clients.

This firm has also worked with a large number of industries including Oil, Gas, Construction, Energy, and Agriculture.

Phillips Consulting

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With branches in Lagos and Abuja, Phillips Consulting possesses over fifteen years of experience in Human Resource management. This firm can help increase the productivity of your human capital, and can also assist you in outsourcing.

Interesting fact: Since its creation, Phillips Consulting claims to have over a thousand thankful clients.


If you think the previous member of our list has a lot of experience, wait till you hear about SENCE. They have been on the market for an impressive period of twenty-five years, and are still going strong. Even though they offer several different services, their primary area of expertise is HR consulting. Another fact that speaks in their favor is that, unlike their competitors, SENCE focuses on medium and small businesses. Such a dedication deserves admiration, as they help to build up the Nigeria economy.

Ace Human Resources Consulting

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Another entrée on our list of the Top HR consulting firms in Nigeria is the AHRC. Just like Adexen and SENCE, this is one of the companies whose sole priority is to help you improve your Human Resources department. They have an extensive list of major clients including such beasts as the Abuja Enterprise Agency and Bestway Luxury Suites.

Interesting fact: The Ace Human Recourses Consulting also offer recruitment and HR Software services.

PeopleSource Consulting

With a well-deserved reputation of a reliable HR firm, People Source Consulting offers crucial support in helping your company grow and evolve into something greater. With its trademarked algorithms, this firm knows how to find the best professionals in their respective industries.

HR consulting firms in Lagos

HR consulting firms in Lagos

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Now you know all the top competitors in the country, but what if you’re interested in companies located in Lagos State? Most of the firms listed above have their offices in Lagos. However, nowadays, a lot of people opt to give a chance to a smaller company. They’re hoping that their trust will be rewarded with better, more focused customer service. If you are one of those people, below you’ll find the best HR consulting firms in Lagos:


The African Management Services Company has offices all around the continent and offers multiple human capital services. Despite their large size, they try to customize their packages to each individual client.

  • Association of Human Resources Practitioners of Nigeria

This nationwide firm offers various opportunities for you to improve and upgrade your company staff.

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management

The CIPM offers advice in HR management, as well as provides training for potential recruiters.

  • Human Resource Indexx Ltd
Human Resource representatives

This company specializes in the recruitment and improvement of potential employees for both small and large businesses in Nigeria.

  • Kendor Consulting

Kendor provides multiple consulting services, while prioritizing staff management above anything else.

  • Simeons Pivot

This is an HR consulting firm that focuses on corporate training courses and performance supervising.

  • Talent Bureau

Talent Bureau offers HR services paired with outsourcing and executive personnel search for top-tier clients.

  • Tosdere Nigeria Limited
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This firm provides management training and Human Resources consulting with clients coming from across multiple industries.

  • HR Future Metrics Consulting

This company is focused on offering consulting and recruitment services that will help you reduce the operational costs of your business while increasing its efficiency.

Now you know all the top HR consulting firms both in Nigeria as a whole and in Lagos State in particular. With so many options available, you can be one-hundred percent sure that you’ll find the recruitment services you need.

Remember to share this list with people who might benefit from knowing the information, and allow us to wish you success in your endeavors.

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