Ankara dresses with chiffon for Nigerian beauties

Ankara dresses with chiffon for Nigerian beauties

Ankara dresses with chiffon is a combination that is worth being tried on by even the most sophisticated fashionista. Here are some of the hottest of such designs for 2017 that are guaranteed to add great appeal to your look!

Ankara dresses with chiffon

The beautiful ankara fabrics are undoubtedly loved by many Nigerian women. They are one of the best options for creating beautiful outfits no matter the event or season of the year, but you can step things up even further by adding chiffon to your ankara outfits.

What is chiffon material for a modern fashionista? It is a lightweight fabric that freely lets in air and creates comfortable conditions in hot weather.

Ankara dresses mixed with chiffon

It’s advisable to sew (or buy) trendy chiffon dresses for everyday use in combination with textiles made from cotton since they are more dense and wear-resistant. An excellent option is a mixture of polyester material; this is suitable for both an evening outfit and for a week-round walk around the city. One-colored styles made according to the classic tailoring can be the basis for the office outfits of stylish ladies.

Ankara gowns with chiffon

All models of chiffon dresses are distinguished by the grace of drapery and a variety of decor. When draping, soft and flowing lines are created to emphasize the beauty of the female figure. Frills, ruffles, lace trim, embroidery with sequins and beads - all these décor are suitable for the creation of trendy outfits. The multi-layered styles of chiffon dresses are mainly made with light and flowing fabrics.

Ankara dresses with chiffon bat sleeves

Ankara gowns with chiffon wide sleeves

Ankara dresses with chiffon

Ankara fabrics and chiffon are an excellent mix. With the help of Ankara textiles, you can create a basis for the dress and its foundation, while adding the chiffon as a decorative element. For example, you can sew a straight dress or a case-gown of any length from Ankara, the sleeves for the dress can be made of chiffon (long wide sleeves or sleeves flared down look very beautiful). You can also make lantern sleeves, bat sleeves or wing sleeves with chiffon. Flounces for such sleeves should be made in several lines.

Ankara short gown with chiffon

If you are using an Ankara fabric with a large and multi-colored pattern, it is better to make the chiffon sleeves in one color that complements the color of the main fabric. But if the ornaments on the Ankara fabric are small and pastel, feel free to use a chiffon fabric with patterns too. It should be similar to the ornament of the main fabric.

Ankara dresses with chiffon coquette

Chiffon is often used as a coquette in a dress. It can be made in any shape or even be draped. A coquette in the décolleté zone can only be sewn in the front and/or back part of the top. For an Ankara chiffon gown, you can make both a coquette and sleeves.

Ankara A-silhouette dresses with chiffon

You can also style it the opposite way: make a straight coquette from the dense Ankara fabric and the basic dress completely from chiffon. In this case, use A-silhouette or Empire style. The waistline of this kind of dress is usually not emphasized and the length is usually short or to the knee; although, you can sew a long dress to the floor.

Ankara midi dresses with chiffon

For color combination use the rule: one-color chiffon for multi-colored Ankara and vice versa. If the color palette of Ankara fabric is very rich and bright, take pastel tones of chiffon to tone down the look of the dress . If you want to create a vivid image, use a bright and one-colored chiffon.

To create evening outfits you can use chiffon in black. It fits almost all colors and patterns of Ankara.

You can also make a chiffon cape for a dress made of Ankara fabrics. It can be sewn as a pelerine or in the form of a train. The train can be of different lengths, just make sure you use a one-colored cape to match Ankara fabrics with bright designs.

Ankara flowing dresses with chiffon

Flowing gowns

This fashion style is very popular amongst Nigerian women: the top is made of Ankara fabric and the bottom of chiffon. This dress is cut at the waist and the waistline could be emphasized. For this style, the top is usually sewn with short sleeves, sleeveless or with straps. You can also make one bare shoulder or open your shoulders completely.

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Ankara one-open shoulder dresses with chiffon

Ankara long to the floor dresses with chiffon

The chiffon skirt in this design is usually made long to the floor, although the length may be midi or mini. The skirt is usually flowing and can be sewn from several layers of chiffon, with flounces and frills. If the chiffon is very transparent, you can add an underskirt.

To create a very festive look, you can combine Ankara, chiffon, and lace in one outfit, the main thing is to keep the rule of the right color combinations.

Ankara festive dresses with chiffon

The combination of colors in such a dress can be completely different. Usually, the skirt is made of one-colored bright and rich chiffon. All trendy colors are good this season: blue, yellow, turquoise, lilac and fuchsia. A very delicate outfit can be created using gray and pink colors for a chiffon skirt. A long flowing skirt in such a dress plays a key role. For the top take any Ankara fabric with a bright floral or geometric pattern. It is perfect if one of the colors on the top is the same as for the skirt or at least fits the main color scheme.

Dresses with chiffon and Ankara styles

Nigerian chiffon styles with Ankara

Another combination of Ankara and chiffon fabrics is a lightweight chiffon one-colored dress with a straight or loose cut and decorations made from bright Ankara. The length of this attire is usually midi or short. A thin strap emphasizes the waistline or the waist is not accentuated at all.

Chiffon dresses with Ankara decor

A decor with Ankara fabric can be done on the shoulders, on the collar or the sleeves’ cuffs. Ankara can also be used to adorn the hemline. Here the main fabric of the dress is chiffon while Ankara serves as a decoration to give coloring to the dress. Therefore, choose bright Ankara fabric with large ornaments for this purpose. It is best if it goes in contrast with the main chiffon textile of the dress.

Chiffon dresses with Ankara for office

Ankara dresses with chiffon for office

As for office options, you should use more reserved cut and color designs. Use not so bright Ankara fabrics with patterns where no more than two or three colors are mixed. When picking chiffon for the decoration, it is better to use one of pastel colors or dark blue. Sew straight dresses or case gowns up to the knee. Here the motto should be: the simpler, the better.

Trendy Ankara dresses with chiffon

We have offered you some beautiful variants of fine Ankara fabrics and chiffon combination to add femininity and appeal to your casual and festive looks; now it is up to you to get creative, experiment and come up with the perfect style that brings out the most beautiful version of you.

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