Ankara crop top and skirt styles

Ankara crop top and skirt styles

There are so many Ankara styles for ladies these days that every woman can find her own design and still be unique. Today, we want to share with you top 15 Ankara crop top and skirt styles. We guarantee that you will be able to find the style you like best. Check out our compilation and find inspiration for your next Ankara outfit.

Ankara crop top and skirt styles

Ankara fashion styles

We decided to divide our Ankara styles pictures into three categories. The first one features Ankara tops with short Ankara skirts (those that do not go below the knee). The second category is reserved for Ankara crop tops and medium-length Ankara skirts (from knee-length to ankle-length). Our third category is filled with Ankara maxi-skirts (floor-length) and Ankara top styles.

Without further ado, let’s get into these Ankara styles!

Trendy Ankara styles with short skirts

We decided to open this category with this unusual combo. While the pencil skirt looks fairly regular, the crop top deserves special attention. From the deep v-neck to half-sleeves and cold shoulders: every detail is well thought out and executed. This classic outfit will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe.

bustier and frilly skirt

Next, we have this fantasy in blue. What we love most about this combo is that each piece has its own Ankara pattern. Despite that (or maybe even because of that), they work together very well. The coquettish bustier and the fun frilly skirt are great for a hot sunny day.


Our next pick also looks very summery and sweet. It is short, but not overly so. The cut of the top looks unique; it is a great choice for the pattern of the fabric. The finishing touch in the form of a headband rounds up the whole outfit very nicely.


Closing this category is the combo for the bravest. Do not get us wrong, it looks absolutely amazing. The pattern of both pieces creates illusion of dimension, and the fit accentuates the beautiful shape of the body. Nevertheless, it seems like one ill-considered move might expose way more than you might have bargained for. Therefore, go for this only if you are very confident in yourself (and your reflexes).

Hot Ankara styles with midi skirts


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Opening our second category is this cute little Ankara set. The cut of both the top and the skirt seems rather conservative, but the bright pattern makes the whole outfit very fun and playful. However, the main attraction of this combo is that the skirt has pockets! Skirts with pockets are the best invention in fashion after ballet flats (in terms of comfort and convenience).


The next combo might look very similar to the previous one. Although, if you take a closer look, you will notice that both pieces of this outfit seem much looser than those mentioned before. This allows the wearer to feel more comfortable while looking stunning.


Midi skirts with pockets seem to be all the rage these days, so here is another iteration for your consideration :) But in this case, all the attention goes straight to the off-shoulder top. The ruffled fabric along the collar works great if you want to create an illusion of curves in the upper half of your body.

horsing around

Our next outfit of choice captivated us with its uniqueness. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it is one of a kind. The gathered off-shoulder long-sleeve top is a great item of clothing that would make even the most boring outfit look cool. Not that this high-waisted pencil skirt with fringe is boring. Nevertheless, you can wear both elements with other pieces of clothing to make your look more special.


As you might have noticed, we have a thing for unusual tops and gorgeous skirts. The beauty of a top with a zipper in front is that you can decide how much of your cleavage will be on display. The midi mermaid skirt is also pretty awesome ;)

Ankara and lace

We end this category with an outfit that features two of our favourite things: Ankara and lace. You have to agree, without the lace, this outfit would not have been as memorable as it is now. The contrasting black colour of the lace works wonderfully with the chosen colour scheme of the Ankara, resulting in a unique outfit.

Current Ankara styles with long skirts

autumn vibes

Our last category begins with this very simple yet stylish look. The Ankara pattern and the colour combination accentuate the brown skin very nicely and bring in the thoughts of warm autumn days. The cut of the top shows of the bust, and the fitted waistline of the skirt snugly embraces the figure.

red and white

In order to bring in some diversity to this list, we have decided to include this outfit. Even though the top and skirt are made from different fabrics, the repeating elements on both pieces tie the look together. This combo will work great for those who have only begun wearing crop tops, as they will not be showing that much skin right away.


For those who are not new to the crop top scene, we have this outfit. It is absolutely fantastic, and it really stands out from the rest. The peculiar geometric pattern, the cold shoulder and the colours create a perfect ensemble that can add to the beauty of any person.

Ariel who

Our penultimate entry is reserved for this astonishing Ankara skirt. It is truly a fashion statement. All the other mermaid skirts pale in comparison. The top also deserves a special mention, as we have not seen anything like it either. However, it is a shame to see this outfit in such an unremarkable place, as it deserves so much more than that. If you get something similar to this, treat it nicely and take it to the five-star places.


We decided to round up this category (and the article as a whole) with the showcase of these three spectacular Ankara designs. Even though these outfits share the same general style (the fit of the top and the cut of the skirt), each outfit brings out the best in each model. And this style fits different body types too! You cannot go wrong with this one.

That is it for our compilation of Ankara outfits. Which one did you like best? Do you own anything similar to anything we mention in this article? Are your hands itching to get one of the outfits? Let us know! We appreciate your feedback.

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