New UNILAG Bursar appointment: who is it?

New UNILAG Bursar appointment: who is it?

The University of Lagos is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Nigeria; it is one place where you can comfortably send your child to study without any fears. For many reasons, the success of any institution depends on the ability of the people who work there, and now it has been made known that a new Bursar has been appointed in UNILAG. Let us find out who he is.


Who is new Bursar of UNILAG?

According to the decision of The Governing Council, this post has been given to Nurudeen Lawal and it is believed Adebule Toyin will be the acting Deputy Registrar; this appointment will be in force starting from November 3, 2017.

Lawal has considerable experience that will help him operate efficiently in UNILAG. He worked at the Nigerian accounting institute and was the chief accountant in the medical college between 1997 and 2009; he currently plays the role of director of finance, so it is safe to say he really knows how to work with money. We hope that Nurudeen Lawal will perform impressively in such a responsible position as Bursar.

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Roles and characteristics of a good Bursar

  • A bursar should have systemic thinking. This post requires a high level of personal responsibility. It controls the level of liquidity in the organization and the main Bursar's work is related to various payments.
  • He is obliged to manage the cash flows of the university, draw up a plan on how money should move, conduct all the documentation related to the financing of projects.
  • His duties include bank management. He also compiles reports on cash flows, establishes and maintains relations with various financial institutions.
  • In addition to experience and professional knowledge, a Bursar should have many skills and abilities. He must be a good analyst with the ability to quickly figure out solutions for difficult situations.
  • This is a responsible, stress-resistant, patient and energetic person; all these traits are highly needed for him to achieve his goals.
  • He should also possess certain personal qualities like friendliness and sociability, because a Bursar usually works with large teams and communicates with many people.
New UNILAG Bursar

Well, we wish Mr. Lawal good luck in all his endeavors. Let us hope that he will handle the university's finances properly and help in its development and growth.

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