I challenge IPOB to start another civil war - Junaid Mohammed

I challenge IPOB to start another civil war - Junaid Mohammed

- Junaid Mohammed has warned Igbos against engaging in another civil war

- The former lawmaker said some people tricked Igbos into a war in the past

- He said he has nothing but contempt for all Nigerian governors and the so-called northern governors do not speak for the region

Junaid Mohammed who is a second republic lawmaker has challenged the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) to start another civil war saying they are bastards if they don’t.

Mohammed made this comment while speaking with The Sun saying the Igbos will be foolish to go into another war after what happened to them during the Biafra war.

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He said: “We have to be very careful. We know the history of those who are making agitations in Lagos. At first, they told the Igbo: ‘Go. When you go, we would go.’ The Igbo left. You know what happened? They took over all Igbo premises, all Igbo businesses, Igbo bank accounts.

“If Igbo are not stupid, will they like to go and do the same thing again? It was MKO Abiola who said that if you volunteer your head for some people to break coconut, you will not be alive to eat the coconut.

“The Biafra side lost about one million people and all the destructions. If the IPOB people want to try it again, I challenge them to try it. If they don’t try it, they are bastards. Let’s see what happens.”

The social commentator also faulted those saying northern governors spoke on behalf of the north.

He said: “First, I don’t speak for any governor. And as a politician, I have nothing but contempt for all Nigerian governors. If you think those so-called Northern governors speak for the North, you are deceiving yourself. When the chips are down, those who speak for the North will emerge.

“I believe no governor speaks for the North. If you think they speak for the North, why don’t you say the governors in the South-south speak for their geo-political zone? Why must you say it is the Northern governors who speak for the North?

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“As far as I am concerned, I am prepared to engage in the debate on restructuring only if those who are clamouring and agitating for it can tell us what it is they want by restructuring and they define it so that somebody like me can understand. I am not prepared to engage in a discussion with people who are fundamentally dishonourable and dishonest.”

In an earlier report by NAIJ.com, Junaid alleged that the Igbos are using the agitation for Biafra to blackmail the north into giving up the 2019 presidency to them, The Sun reports.

He insisted that the move will only prevent the southeast from producing a president because, “democracy is a game of numbers.”

He wondered why the same people who caused the civil war that claimed the lives of over one million people will now turn around to demand for presidency.

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Source: Naija.ng

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