How to know your MTN number

How to know your MTN number

There is so much information entering our heads every day that sometimes it is hard to keep up. Even the most important things can escape from your memory at the most unfortunate moment. However, all is not lost. If you forget your MNT number, you can check out this article, where we will tell you about the different methods of how to know your MTN number. Now let’s get to it!

How to know your MTN number

How to check your number on MTN

There are two simple ways of checking your MTN number regardless of the phone you are using.

The first one involves the use of the standard MTN USSD command, *123#. Simply dial this command, and you will see a menu appear on the screen. There are lots of options to choose from, but you only need the first one, which is Account Information. In order to select it, press 1 and then OK.

In the next menu that appears, you will also need only the first option that says My Number. Once again, press 1 and then OK. After that, your number should appear on the screen.

The second one is even easier. You can check your number via another USSD command. Just dial *663#, and your phone number will appear on your screen.

How to check your MTN number on an Android phone


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Apart from the ways we have mentioned before, there are also a few other options of checking your phone number. They depend on your phone. For example, in most Android phones, you can go to Settings -> About phone -> Status -> My phone number and find your phone number there. However, in some phones (especially the ones that use multiple SIM cards), after the ‘Status’ menu comes ‘SIM status’ menu, where the phone number is hidden.

In some Android phones, you can also go to your Contacts app, and at the very top, you might see the ‘My Profile’ or ‘Me’ contact. If you tap that, you might find your number there. Although this option does not work for all phones, and some phones need you to input that information first to display it later.

How to check MTN number on an iPhone


It is not much harder to check your number on an iPhone either. There are also two ways of doing it:

  • You can go to Settings -> Phone and find the ‘My Number’ line right at the top.
  • You can open the Phone app, choose Contacts and find your number at the top of the screen.

See? It is very easy.

Now if your grandma ever asks you ‘Dear, teach me how to check my MTN number’, you can use this article as a reference. With our help, no MTN number will ever be forgotten again :)

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