President Yahya Jammeh cars

President Yahya Jammeh cars

Exiled former Gambian ruler, Yahya Jammeh, had always preferred the luxury life. And you can bet that there is no such word as modesty in his dictionary. Even when he fled the country after being hunted down by the authorities, he hasn’t forgotten about his impressive collection of cars. Let’s have a look at the most memorable models from this list.

President Yahya Jammeh and his car

Yahya Jammeh and his cars

Frankly speaking, there was no real pursuit of Yahya Jammeh. That was repeatedly confirmed by airport employees, as well as by some reporters, who spotlighted the escape of the former president on January 21, 2017. However, the newly elected leaders brought a $11 million lawsuit against him. That is not very rough, especially considering the bad behavior of the former Gambian ruler after his defeat in the last elections.

Yahya Jammeh running from the Gambia

While fleeing, he didn't just take the money, Yahaya went with some of his favourite toys. We are talking about his famous car collection, the real size of which cannot be confirmed. It was reported that Yahya fled with 13 luxury cars and we have details about some of them.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom is a real British classic that appears to be the most popular car among the rich. More than 70% of such cars are made by special order. Phantom can also come in the form of a "Limousine". Almost all the cars have a rear-wheel drive (you can sometimes get an all-wheel-version if you order from the company). The approximate cost of such car is about $450,000 (N161,801,752).

Bentley Continental

Another British legend on our list. It’s safe to say that both the above-mentioned companies (Bentley and Rolls-Royce) have managed to overtake the German car giant Volkswagen in terms of quality and popularity. These cars have distinctive features of the British automotive industry. The Bentley Continental, two-door four-seat luxury design, costs about $200,000 (N71,911,890). And, in this case, you’re paying for a true monster on wheels, with its 6.0 L W-12 twin-turbo engine, which produces 550 HP. These numbers are almost terrifying, aren’t they?

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Mini Cooper

The New Mini Cooper, or Mini Hatch, or simply Mini is a stylish car in a compact size. The car has good build quality and technical equipment, powerful and economical engines plus convenient steering. In addition, this model is expensive when it comes to its maintenance. The price is not so high when compared with the previous cars. It is around $30,000 (N10,786,783). But, we don’t really know the type of specification Yahya preferred for his Mini, so this factors into its cost.

Range Rover

This luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV) was also made by British designers and engineers. Yahya obviously has a preference for cars that originated from this region. The fourth-generation Rover is equipped with diesel engines V6 (3 L) and V8 (4.4 L) and gasoline engine V6 (3 L) and V8 (5 L), with 8-speed automatic transmission. Depending on the specs, the price of a new Range Rover can be from $50,000 to $100,000 (N17,977,972 – N35,955,945) or even more.

Nissan Patrol

A completely renewed, sixth generation of the Y62 Nissan Patrol series, was launched on February 13, 2010, at a VIP event in Abu Dhabi. It has a 5.6 LT V8 engine, model VK56VD, 400 hp (298 kW) and a torque of 560 Nm. The engine is equipped with a variable valve timing system "VVEL" and direct injection "DIG", paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The pricing of this model starts from $50,000 (N17,977,972).

Yahya Jammeh and his wife

There were other cars, which left the Gambia with Yahya Jammeh. For example, there were a couple of Mercedes and Cadillacs at the airport that night. But we can’t name the exact models, so these cars wouldn’t be on our list.

The real issue is, where exactly is Yahya Jammeh planning to ride such speedy cars if he is now based in Papua New Guinea. Hopefully, his purchases won't end up being a waste. Thanks for reading, leave your comments below.

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