Revealed: Kiss Daniel earned 30k monthly with G-worldwide

Revealed: Kiss Daniel earned 30k monthly with G-worldwide

Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel who is presently being sued by his former record label , G-Worldwide is in the news again. had earlier reported how he announced on social media that he has launched his own record label Flyboy INC and as a result, anyone who wants to do business with him should do so via his new company.

According to LIB, investigations have revealed that contrary to the denials by G-Worldwide in the press, Kiss Daniel was actually placed on a monthly salary of 30,000 per month all through the success of his hit single 'Woju'.

Kiss Daniel earned 30k monthly with G-worldwide

Kiss Daniel

LIB disclosed that a highly placed source revealed on condition of anonymity the following;

'from the beginning of his contract (a 7 years and 5 album contract) he wasn't placed on any percentage rather Kiss Daniel was placed on a monthly salary of 30,000 (thirty thousand naira) up until 'Woju' remix was released then it was later increased to 50,000 (fifty thousand naira) before he insisted on a review of his contract in 2015 and by the second quarter of 2015 he began to receive 40% of his performance fees. All the while he was collecting 30k, the boy already had a monster hit song 'Woju' and was raking in millions of naira'.

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When asked for specifics to be sure of the period Kiss Daniel stopped collect 50,000 naira as salary, the source said, 'I really can't place the date but I'm sure he was on that salary till after the release of 'Laye'.

The song 'Laye' was released in May 2015.

The investigations further revealed that Kiss Daniel though wasn't legally barred from collaborations, his record label vehemently stood against it, 'the label categorically banned him from doing collaborations and made it look like he's the one avoiding it. Or have you also seen his label mate, Sugarboy on any collaborations? The industry can testify to it, i won't mention names but we all know. All the superstars who came to support Kiss Daniel at his album listening party, he couldn't payback the favour when they needed him because the label prevented him from doing so. Basketmouth even had to block him on Instagram because Kiss was supposed to do a show for him but his label refused and Basketmouth got angry thinking Kiss Daniel was the one playing games with him'.

It was further unveiled that the relationship between Kiss Daniel and his record label was filled with so much tension, hate, frustration and animosity as revealed by the source that, 'Kiss Daniel couldn't even make it to his own father's burial because his label threatened him'

LIB asked how that happened? and they disclosed that; 'on the day of his father's burial, he already had a show that was booked and his label told him they don't care about his father's burial but he had to attend the show else he'll get sued. At that time, Kiss Daniel was still on a monthly salary of 50,000 and two days before his father's death, his kid brother was also involved in accident that left him unconscious for weeks. The label only gave him 200,000 to buy 'coffin and fry puff puff' source revealed.

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Till date, we gather that Kiss Daniel has made no income from any digital sales of his music, no income from his endorsement apart from the 40% he makes from shows. The label didn't also provide him with an apartment or cars. Though he stays in his own house and own a couple of choice rides, we gather that he's had to pay for the official car that was used to move him around in the early days of the career which has since been given to the younger brother of his record label boss, Emperor Geezy.

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