My daughter will attend call to bar in 2018 with hijab - Unilorin lecturer vows

My daughter will attend call to bar in 2018 with hijab - Unilorin lecturer vows

- A fresh graduate of University of Ilorin (Unilorin) has vowed to put her hijab on when call to bar in 2018

- The lady Laylah Al-Mubarakah is the daughter of a Unilorin lecturer Alhaji Abubakar Ali-Agan

- Her father has given her the go ahead to wear her hijab when call to bar in 2018 even if he is dead before then had earlier reported the story of a Muslim lady Firdaus Amasa who was refused to be called to bar for not removing her hijab. The University of Ilorin law graduate says she remains resolute to wear her hijab.

The story began a major trending topic which has brought about heated argument on Nigeria social media since it happened.

Following the refusal of Nigeria Law School to call Firdaus to bar in Abuja, a female law graduate from University of Ilorin, Laylah Al-Mubarakah, has declared that she will attend the 2018 call to bar ceremony with her hijab on.

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My daughter will attend call to bar in 2018 with hijab - Unilorin lecturer vows

Firdaus Amasa and Unilorin lecturer who vows his daughter will wear hijab to call to bar Imam Ali Agan

The lady who is said to be a daughter of a Unilorin lecturer, Alhaji Abubakar Ali-Agan, had written on the case of Firdaus in her blog and after her father read her submission on the topic, he took to his Facebook account to give his daughter his 100% support to go to her call to bar ceremony in hijab.

Using the name Imam Ali-Agan Facebook, her father went further to tell her that even if he is alive or dead, his daughter should go ahead with her plan.

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He wrote:

"ALLAHU AKBAR............

Firdaus Amasa is a daughter of a dear friend. She was not call to bar because she was adamant on her Islamic mode of dress. She was a year ahead of my daughter at the Faculty of law, University of Ilorin.

When her courageous father, Mallam Oba Amasa, came to my house ( he sometimes pray the SALAT in my mosque) to break the news to me, my only regret is that Firdaus was left alone in this struggle. How I wish my daughter is there this year to stand behind her.

Whether this matter is settled amicably in the court or not, my daughter, LAYLAH AL-MUBARAKÀH, has vowed to be the next victim. She wrote the following lines in her blog.................

Reading the news that our courageous sister, Amasa Al jannah Fidaos was not called to the Nigerian bar because she refused to remove her hijab brought tears to my eyes. Is Fidaos the only muslim lawyer out there? Others should have joined her. I wish there were more muslim females like her. To some you may think what she has done is rebellious. But to me it is courageous and she has maintained her stand as a muslim.

Imagine this, A girl has been brought up in the way ordained by Allah right from her birth, she has been wearing the hijab from then, She has never for once remove her hijab just for the sake of being called to bar she has to remove it. Removing the Hijab is being naked.

I have been asked several times that will i remove my hijab when i am to be called to Nigerian Bar? I always answer that I dont know. But Now, I have my answer, Amasa al jannah firdaos has provided the answer.

The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria particularly Chapter 4, Section 38 (1) of the 1999 constitution and Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right, provide:“Every person shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom (either alone or in community with others, and in public or in private) to manifest and propagate his religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance.” Is denying her entrance in to the hall because she is wearing the hijab not an infringement on her right to practise her religion?

To Firdaos, you were our Ameerah in National Association of Muslim Law Students Unilorin Chapter and you led us well, When you were the Ameerah, through your humility and selflessness you inspired me to be like you . Now you have laid the foundation to justice and i pray and hope your efforts will be acknowledged. I celebrate you and to me you are a Legend.

This is a wake up call to every muslim in Nigeria, to fight for this injustice and use the position and power the Almighty has bestowed on you all to fight for this injustice.


See his post below:

Meanwhile, Nigerians have started reacting to the refusal to be call to bar of Fridaus Amasa by the Nigerian Law School in Abuja. Their reaction is of mixed feelings.

Allah's name appears on Moringa tree on TV below:


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