DELSU genius who was mentally challenged has been discharged from the hospital (photos)

DELSU genius who was mentally challenged has been discharged from the hospital (photos)

- A university graduate who was mentally challenged has been declared cured

- The man was described as a genius while he was in school, he graduated from Delta State University

The story of a genius Nigerian man simply identified as Emeka who was physically challenged went viral not long ago. The man who had graduated from Delta State University was recently discharged from a rehabilitation centre.

Emeka’s story went viral on social media after Facebook user Eric Okojie shared his story, asking people to help the genius. Okojie urged Nigerians to help Emeka with admission into a rehabilitation home.

According to Okojie, Nigerians at home and abroad came out to help and support Emeka and he was able to go to a rehabilitation home in Benin. After months at the hospital, Emeka has been discharged and declared mentally stable.

DELSU genius

Emeka who was mentally challenged has been discharged from the hospital Photo source: Facebook user Eric Okojie

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#SaveEmeka Do you remember the story of Emeka, the young genius from Delsu with a promising future who was on RAGS, wasting away in the street of Benin-City? We TeamSaveEmeka Made a call and Nigerians both home and in Diaspora responded.

There were two sets of people who received and responded to our message online. From the first group of people, we got all forms of media attacks, destructive criticism, we were mocked, misinterpreted for scanners, called thieves etc (by an undiscerning few who we don't have need to forgive because we never took their unbelief as an offense because in a country where online and offline scam is rife, one may expect even the most genuine intentions to be misunderstood).

And we did all we were able to do, not to prove critics wrong but because of love for God, humanity and nation. But while all the critics were probably rocking their New Year, I spent almost the whole of January with Emeka. With joy in our hearts, we appreciate and celebrate the overwhelming population of saints (the second group) who contributed their voices by sharing, liking, commenting, calling, visiting etc and those who made financial contributions. You all are the real heroes here! By your effort, we removed Emeka from the street, took him to the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Uselu.

DELSU genius

He is a graduate of Delta State University Photo source: Facebook user Eric Okojie

All necessary test were conducted, he was diagnosed and placed under treatment. We gave two or more progress report and you didn’t hear from us since then. Due to quick response to treatment & recovery, Emeka was transferred to the Hospital's Permanent Site at Aduwawa, Benin-City. We kept praying, we kept caring and we kept showing him love. Two weeks into February, the hospital invited me for Emeka next assessment scheduled to hold Feb 14th once again I postponed all schedule for that day and hurried to the hospital. And like a dream, right in my presence, Emeka was assessed and discharged. It was so unbelievable and an emotional moment as we both go up simultaneously hug each other, tears rolling down our eyes in appreciation to God.

On the 17th of Feb, I went back to the hospital did the necessary things and went home with Emeka. Finally, on the 21st Feb Emeka boarded God IS GOOD first class bus to Lagos to meet his siblings. Emeka's quick recovery wasn't just due to medical attention but the prayers you made on his behalf and the love we told him that Nigerians were showering on him both online and offline

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OUR NEXT POINT OF ACTION #SaveEmeka story united Nigeria beyond ethnic and religious lines. People called us from as far as the North, then the West, East and South of Nigeria. Notably, someone called from Cotonou. Just as we spread the news about his insanity, it is now time to spread the news about his SANITY, RECOVERY and REINTEGRATION to the society. Now let's go: 1. Like the post 2. Tag at least a friend or more from- -CEP Business Administration, -Delsu Asaba campus between 2007 to 2012, -DSC in d Delta State -Ugwa, tag a friend from Isialangwa Tag everyone you tagged before and new people you didn't tag 2. Like the post 3. Make comments with #SavedEmeka 4. Share the post on your wall We succeeded in the first place because Good Nigerians assisted us in sharing, tagging. We are counting on you again to spread the good news that Emeka is well back on his feet and living a normal life now. Don’t read this post without sharing. 5. Keep appreciating God for His Works and continue praying for Emeka Let nobody tell you that Nigerians are not good people, this proves it wrong. What unites us is more than what divides us. Let's do away with our ethno-religious bias and focus on our what unites us.

GOD bless Delsuites, GOD bless Nigerians, GOD bless You."

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