Lady reveals how her fiancé fixed wedding with her and secretly married another lady

Lady reveals how her fiancé fixed wedding with her and secretly married another lady

A young lady has taken to social media to reveal how her fiance disappointed her. Identified as Chinenye Blezoo on Facebook, she disclosed that her lover ditched her and secretly got married to another woman.

Blezoo revealed that she was already planning her wedding with her fiance when she discovered that he had secretly got married to another. The young lady added that they met in July 2014, when she travelled to Lagos to see her sister.

She did not stop there but took her time to narrate how her supposed husband-to-be lied to her of travelling to the east for the wedding in December 2017. He called Blezoo saying he was at the park but that was the last she heard of him until she saw his wedding pictures on Facebook.

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She shared the post on Wednesday, February 28, with the caption: “I met my fiancé (now ex) on July, 2014, in Lagos when I visited my sister, the visit lasted for 2 weeks. Then on January 2015, we made some relationships definitions and agreed to take it to the next level. We vowed to always be our back bone, our watch words: BE MY LOVE FOREVER! FOREVER! AND EVER! Not long that I met him, he had business issues with his colleague which leads to his arrest. He lost everything he had. After his detention in police station, I contributed for his release to my capability because it was my first month at work, I sent the money to his uncle the same way I was paid. Had it been I had more than that of my salary then, I will give because I doesn’t sleep knowing fully well that my love was in sell. He went back to his village after his bail and joined in village hustle but it didn’t favor him, he told me that he wants to go back to Lagos but no transport, that if he can gets to Lagos, he has a friend to squat with while he hustle for living. I gave him his transport and little cash to feed with for some days. I love him because he is a hustler. I vowed to be his bone when he is weak, even without a kobo, I believed for a better tomorrow for us. When he gets to Lagos, he searched for work and during the period of his searching for work, I was sending him feeding money for every 2 weeks from the little salary I got. It took him about 6 months to get work of which he told me to stop sending money to him when he received his first salary. Sometimes that he visited home, he asked me to complete his transport for him that he will send it back to me when he gets to Lagos and at the end he will not.

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Husband was coming for my hand in marriage but he refused letting me go, he begged me not to leave him for another man. Even when I tested him that I was pregnant for the guy that was seeking for my hand in marriage, he asked that he will marry me with the pregnancy which nobody will know he was not the one that got me pregnant unless I tell anyone. After everything, he visited my mum and begged her not to allow me marry another man, that he will come for me. My mum agreed because I made her believe that I loved my guy and can’t do anything to hurt him. At first, he planned to pay dowry on January 2017, but according to him, they didn’t close work on December 2016 so he was not able to come home. On April 2017, he visited and we had our engagement, from there we kicked off our marriage preparations. On September 2017, he sent N40,000 to me to start buying things for our marriage, with it I bought some drinks for wedding and some in-laws cloths. I supported him with N40,000 which I used to buy asoebi and my cloths. He called my uncle for dates and 5th January was fixed for traditional marriage, his plans were to monetize traditional marriage in a very low key and boomed wedding, so he also discuss some issues regarding to that with my uncle and they settled. He proceeded and called the vicar for wedding date to be fixed, thou the vicar frowned at fixing date with him on phone, requesting his presence before fixing the date. But he begged the vicar that I will come and represent him because he is so much engaged and at far Lagos while am at east and closer, I went and 6th January was fixed for our wedding. The vicar also told me the procedure I will go, the things I’ll bring before bans of marriage and the rest of them.

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