You will never see girls with their own money set useless standards - Man says

You will never see girls with their own money set useless standards - Man says

An angry young man has taken to social media to come out for some poor Nigerian ladies who feel they can embarrass men who do not have enough money to throw around.

Identified as Ayo_FBI (@PureMind_) on Twitter, he disclosed that dirty young ladies who are unemployed are quick to broke shame guys. But you will never find hardworking girls setting useless standards for their men.

The young man further advised fellow men not to settle for poor ladies but look out for the ones who have jobs and can take care of themselves.

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His post reads: “You will never see girls with their own money set useless standards. They will never tell you entering bus makes you a broke man. They will never drag you for not being able to afford to buy them what they can’t afford to buy for themselves But awon oni pata gigan must complain. Always say it, you guys need to do better. Don't make this packaged broke girls Lord over your lives and give the power to put you under undue pressure just because they have a bumbum. Meet women who work and have their own money, date them, make friends with them. The most annoying thing is these poor dirty girls are the quickest to broke shame guys. Oh ye entitled pieces, get a life and get a job. Work and earn your own money lmao go out into corporate world and see what your mates are doing slay queen. Say NO to Broke girls today, tomorrow and forever my Gs. Yes we are broke but NO, we don't live off people. We are not looking for who will buy us iPhone because we have penis. We pay our own rent, we don't look for who to take us to expensive places for Instagram and Snapchat updates. You too work and earn you own money slay mama.”

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