Our Daughter Died After Waiting 70 Minutes To See Doctor - Parents

Our Daughter Died After Waiting 70 Minutes To See Doctor - Parents

A toddler died after allegedly waiting 70minutes to be seen by a GP.

Lucie Georgia Linforth had been taken to her local doctor's surgery suffering from a suspected infection and fever.

Her mother, Angie Collins, 40, claims that her partner, who had taken the child to the surgery had begged staff for Lucie to be seen as a priority as her lips turned blue while in the waiting room at a village practice.

It is alleged by the time she was seen her heart had stopped at Marston Moretaine Doctors' Surgery near Bedford.

Efforts to revive Lucie failed and she died on October 5.

Now Angie is demanding justice for her child, with a Facebook group called 'Justice for Lucie' set up in her honour already attracting support from 25,000 users.

Angie Collins said: 'I can't even begin to think how I feel about this. Lucie should be here living life and I won't take this lying down I won't stop until I get justice for her.'

Ms Collins' partner Eric Linforth, 33, took Lucie into the village surgery on October 5 in the morning while Angie stayed at home with their other children, Hollie, three, and Lucie's twin brother Jake.

He said: 'After about 20 minutes waiting at the surgery she got worse, her lips were blue, she was really hot and was having trouble breathing.

'I went up about four or five times to ask to be seen. Finally I went up and I said they have to call an ambulance because she had got so bad. They took her into the nurses room, but by that point her heart had stopped beating.'


Staff at the surgery tried to resuscitate Lucie for over 45 minutes, before she was rushed to Bedford Hospital where medics carried on trying to save her.

Angie said: 'Once Lucie was seen the doctor refused to give up on her, I cannot thank him enough. He refused to give up on my baby, even when the paramedics arrived he didn't stop trying to resuscitate, he kept going for 45 minutes, until they took her to hospital.'

A police investigation has been launched into the death, although it is not being treated as suspicious. A coroner's inquest was opened and adjourned last Friday.

Angie Collins said: 'I had to explain to my three-year-old daughter that Lucie was too poorly to live here now and she now has to live in heaven.

'It has affected her twin brother Jake. They have beds next to each and the night we returned from the hospital he was laying down on Lucie's Minnie Mouse duvet and he has slept there every night since.'

NHS Bedfordshire which runs the surgery wouldn't comment on allegations made by the family however Dr Fiona Sim of the trust said: 'This is a tragic death of a little girl and our thoughts and condolences are with the family.

'As this is an unexpected death, there is an ongoing coroner's enquiry and we are providing every assistance as well as working with the practice to carry out an internal investigation.

'Local NHS services are supporting the family and we wish to offer our full support in any way that we can to help all involved during such a difficult time.'

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